April 13



MONDAY:  1)  Go over waves quiz

2)  Tuning Fork Lab

3)  Finish Energy remediation quiz (period 4)

TUESDAY:  1)  Stamp and go over unit review sheet

2)  Go over Tuning fork lab

3)  Play Kahoot Review in preparation for test

WEDNESDAY:  1)  Waves Test

2)  Watch Schoology video – EMR, fill out note taking guide and take open note quiz by Thursday 8:20 am

THURSDAY:  1)  Go over Test

2)  Go over Schoology open note quiz over EMR

3)  Go over EMR power point

4)  Generating light / Atomic Spectra activity

FRIDAY:  1)  Stamp and go over chap 19 SG and Reinforcement worksheet

2)  Stamp and go over waves remediation practice worksheet

3)  Discuss diffraction with mini lab and polarization with demo



MONDAY:  Unit Review Sheet

TUESDAY:  Study for Waves Test

WEDNESDAY:  Schoology EMR video, note taking guide and open note quiz – due Thursday 8:20 am

THURSDAY:  EMR chapter 19 study guide / reinforcement wkst and Waves remediation worksheet

FRIDAY:  Chapter 19 Properties of light wkst / Optics schoology video, note taking guide and open note schoology quiz by Monday 4/23, 8:20 am


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