April 23



MONDAY:  1)  Go over schoology quiz due this morning.

2)  Go over first half of power point

3)  Remediation quiz on waves

4)  Diffraction activity on Phet

TUESDAY:  1)  Go over diffraction activity

2)  Finish going over power point notes

3)  Optics Station Lab

WEDNESDAY:  1)  Go over homework worksheets

2)  EMR and Behavior quiz

3)  Reflection lab

THURSDAY:  1)  Go over lab

2)  Refraction notes / Snell’s law demo

3)  Curved mirrors lab – physicsclassroom

4)  Cured mirrors and drawing ray diagrams

FRIDAY:  1)  Lenses – physicsclassroom

2)  Mirror and lens equation notes

3)  Ray diagrams for lenses



MONDAY:  Be sure diffraction activity is complete

TUESDAY:  Spectrum worksheet / Wave properties of light and section 9-1 worksheet / study for EMR quiz

WEDNESDAY:  Finish reflection lab if needed / Work on flash cards ( should be done by now!!!)

THURSDAY:  Finish mirror diagrams if needed

FRIDAY:  Finish lens diagrams if needed

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