May 4



MONDAY:  1)  Stamp and go over remediation practice worksheet

2)  Static electricity phet demos

3)  Coulomb’s law notes and practice

4)  Discuss test retake option

TUESDAY:  1)  Stamp and go over Coulomb’s law practice worksheet

2)  Series and parallel circuit notes

3)  Remediation Quiz

4)  Concept Development 34-1 / SG (chap 34) – Reinf (chap 35) worksheet

WEDNESDAY:  1)  Stamp and go over homework worksheet

2)  Ohm zone lab

3)  EQ Resistance for series circuits

4)  Give out exam review sheets with due dates

THURSDAY:  1)  Stamp and go over lab

2)  Discuss EQ resistance for parallel circuits

3)  Electricity Quiz

FRIDAY:  1)  Go over quiz

2)  Stamp and go over homework problems

3)  Discuss electrical production, transmission and electrical safety



MONDAY:  Coulomb’s law problems

TUESDAY:  Finish worksheet given in class

WEDNESDAY:  Finish Ohm Zone lab / Start on exam review sheet

THURSDAY:  EQ problems / work on exam review

FRIDAY:  Work on exam review


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