November 16



MONDAY:  1)  Open note optics video quiz

2)  Go over optics power point – stressing lenses / mirrors and real / virtual images

3)  Light Station Lab

TUESDAY:  1)  Stamp and go over homework worksheet

2)  EMR / Light Behavior Quiz

3)  Preview Reflection Lab

WEDNESDAY:  1)  Reflection lab

2) pd 4 only – Stamp vocab flash cards / go over EMR quiz

THURSDAY: 1)   1st period – Go over EMR quiz

2)  Go over reflection lab

3)  Ray tracing mirrors worksheet

FRIDAY:  1) review focal length and magnification equation

2)  Stamp and go over ray tracing mirrors worksheet

3)  Online activity mirrors and lenses –




MONDAY:  Wave Properties of light / Section Testsheet 9-1 worksheet

TUESDAY:  Vocab flash cards due tomorrow

WEDNESDAY:  Finish reflection lab questions

THURSDAY:  Finish ray tracing mirror worksheet / complete extra credit – last question on the reflection lab (due Friday)

FRIDAY:   Study for optics quiz on Monday / Work assignment focal length – magnification problems / Finish online mirror and lens activity

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