November 30



MONDAY:  1)  Stamp and go over focal length and magnification problems

2)  Stamp and go over online activity over mirrors and lenses

3)  Optics Quiz

4)  Lens Ray Tracing worksheet

TUESDAY:  1)  Go over quiz

2)  Stamp and go over Ray Tracing worksheet on lenses

3)  Discuss Snell’s law

4)  Optics Bench Lab

WEDNESDAY:  1)  Stamp and go over Snell’s law practice worksheet

2)  Finish and go over Optics Bench lab

3)  Graphic organizer for lenses and mirrors

THURSDAY:  1)  Light and Optics test

FRIDAY:  1)  Go over Light and Optics Test

2)  Open Note Quiz over Electricity Schoology video notes

3)  Phet Simulations – John Tavoltage / Sweater – Balloon

4)  Start on worksheet concept development 34-1 / Skillsheet 11-3 / Ohm’s law problems



MONDAY:  Finish lens ray tracing worksheet

TUESDAY:  Snell’s law practice worksheet

WEDNESDAY:  Study for light and optics test

THURSDAY:  Electricity Schoology video and note taking guide – due Friday

FRIDAY:  Light and Optics Remediation practice

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