May 14, 2018

We have finally reached the LAST “full” week of school. In science this week, we will be learning the physics of baseball! I know we are all getting ready for the summer, but this lesson should be fun, so let’s give it a go! As we look at baseball, we will dive into creating our strike zones and figure out what pitches work the best for different strike zones. Keep up with your writing to turn in to me by the end of the week 🙂

Also, make sure you have turned in ALL assignments to me by Friday. If you have not turned in Rockets or Roller Coasters, I need those ASAP! Let’s finish the year strong and make sure our grades are where they should be. Reach out to me with any questions regarding grades/assignments.

May 8, 2018

Happy Tuesday! In science today we drew our blueprints for our Rube Goldberg machines. I saw some really cool designs! If you did not get a chance to finish this, please make sure to finish and bring it to me tomorrow (especially if you’re not going to be here tomorrow because you may lose/forget about it). Be sure to continue turning in assignments if you haven’t already done so. 🙂

May 7, 2018

We are finally entering Disney Week! Today in science we introduced simple machines and Rube Goldberg. I am listing some links for those who need to get Bill Nye notes and/or those who want to see more examples. We will construct a blueprint of Rube Goldberg machines tomorrow in class.

For those that keep up with grades, I have entered your Roller Coaster grades into the gradebook with hopes of getting Rocket grades in by the end of the week. Please be sure that if you did not turn in your rocket packet today, you get that to me as soon as possible.

As the year winds down, be sure you are getting your work to your teachers. I know we are all itching for summer to be  here, but I still have some missing assignments from students. If there is a 0 or no grade in that slot, that means I do not have it. And as always, reach out to me with any comments, questions, or concerns!

Bill Nye:

Rube Goldberg in movies:

Rube Goldberg Domino Effect:

Olympic Week

2018 McClure Olympics

2018 McClure Olympics begin on Monday, May 14 with Opening Ceremonies.  Field Events are Tuesday, May 15 (7th grade), Wednesday, May 16 (6th grade) and Thursday, May 17 (8th grade).  Friday, May 18 will be the Closing Ceremonies.  Event volunteers will be asked to help monitor students, crowd control and assist the lead teacher.  You will not be responsible for running the event.   Please consider volunteering for as many slots/days as you can!  To make this week successful we need your help!

All volunteers check-in at the volunteer table inside the front doors of McClure.


May 4, 2018

It’s Friday! We had an awesome day launching rockets! I saw some awesome designs, but I think the flying pig won 🙂 We will finish up our rocket packets on Monday by answering our reflection questions. If you have more than just the reflection questions to answer, please have those completed before you arrive to class. And remember the “Simulator Time” link does not work, so you can cross that out.

Next week is Disney, I know most everyone is so excited. We will do a Rube Goldberg activity on Monday and Tuesday and then finish off next week with a cool movie…Enjoy your weekend, and I hope to see most of you tomorrow at the 8th grade dance!

May 1, 2018

We started Rockets today!! Please be sure to bring in a 2L bottle tomorrow. If you have any extras that you want to bring in, that would be greatly appreciated! Be sure to continue your research and work through your packet. We will have a full building day in class tomorrow. Remember our SLO will be on Thursday and then launch day is Friday!!

April 30, 2018

Happy Monday! Today we began Rockets. Students started on their research and will continue with it tomorrow. We should hopefully start building on Wednesday. Items needed for this project are 2L bottles and duct tape.  Please make sure you are here this week so you can participate in this project. If you have questions, please email or Remind text me. Below are some links to these water bottle rockets!

April 27, 2018

Well we finally finished our Roller Coaster projects today! If you are interested in seeing what result your kids produced, I have pictures of their awesomeness! Most students did a wonderful job on these. I love seeing all their innovative thoughts and creativity shine through.

Next week we will begin Rockets. We will complete research, build rockets out of 2L bottles, and then launch them next Friday. If you are out this weekend and typically buy soda in 2L bottles, save those bottles to have students bring in on Tuesday next week 🙂

Also, I know some students have been absent more frequently lately. Please be sure to be in class, we only have 18 days left in the school year. With rockets next week, it is so important that you are here so you do not have additional work at home and you don’t let your group members down. If you are absent next week, I do have an alternative assignment that I can give you. You must be present in order to participate 🙂 Let’s finish strong!

April 25, 2018

Roller coasters are in full swing! 4th, 5th, and 6th periods got ALOT accomplished today and I am seeing many wonderful ideas! We will continue working on these coasters tomorrow and they should be ready for full testing on Friday. Friday I will come by each group and have you test your Roller coaster and turn in your materials.

Additionally, I will be here before school on Friday if you feel that you need to come in and get more work done. I will be here at 8, so Remind text me or email me to let me know you will be coming in. Good luck, and finish strong 🙂