November 15, 2017

Students today were working on a “Speed Lab.” They were able to walk and hop down the hall and time themselves over a certain distance to be able to calculate the speed. Most got finished with it today, but I will be checking it tomorrow. Please make sure students are finishing this and they look back over their 7 question exit ticket. We will have a quiz tomorrow.

Here are the answers for students to check if  they did not get an opportunity to today.

As for the lab…this is how the problems should be set up and you should insert the speed you calculated into the problems. Please “Remind” text me if you have trouble working on these!

November 14, 2017

Today in science we finished our speed, velocity, and acceleration notes. Students worked on vocab and had 7 practice questions to complete. These two items are expected to be completed and turned in tomorrow. I will be checking these for grades.

I am attaching the notes from today and yesterday for those who may not have gotten all of them. In it are the links to the videos we watched as well. In this is also the 9 vocabulary terms that are expected to be complete.

Motion in Motion-1jm76al

We will have a 10 question quiz on Thursday. Please make sure students are answering the 7 practice questions in anticipation. As always please let me know if you have any comments, questions, or concerns.

November 13, 2017

We finally started physics in science today! We started with notes and videos followed up by practice questions. I am attaching all the video links that we saw. We were able to watch Usain Bolt and Jason Smyth run the 100m dash in the olympics/paraolympics and then we calculated their speed! I will post the notes on my blog tomorrow once we are finished with them.

We will be calculating speed and acceleration this week with some in class labs. We will have a brief quiz on Thursday to reinforce the content. Students will need calculators this week in class.

Friday is career day at school. Students will attend 3 different sessions of their choice. We will then have a keynote speaker at the end of the day in the auditorium. Also, today students had a pep rally gearing up for the Anython color battle! This is a super exciting fundraiser that our school is hosting. Students are raising money to help out with technology and also, 10% of the fundraising will go right back into our classrooms for this year. So please help students raise at least $30 so they can participate in the color battle and help McClure out raising money for technology!

Lastly, USA Test Prep is due this Saturday, November 18. If  your student’s grade has gone down, please encourage them to do this. It will very much benefit them in more ways than one. Progress reports will be given out this week so also be on the lookout for that.

Thank you all! Happy Monday 🙂


November 10, 2017

Happy Friday! In science today we took a look at physics and how Star Wars was able to incorporate physics when creating the different stunts, activities, etc. Students finished their pretests and were also able to complete missing assignments and work on USA Test Prep. Grades are now updated and ready for progress reports. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

November 9, 2017

Today in physical science we kicked off our new unit with a Pre-test. Students were able to see the material that we will be covering over the next several weeks. Students were also given their progress reports and given their assignments that they were missing. Progress reports are going home next week, so please make sure students are on top of their work.

Next Friday is career day. Students need to sign up for their sessions if they have not already. Here is the link to do this:

Also, USA Test Prep is up and running. Please use this to help improve your grade.

November 8, 2017

Good afternoon! In physical science we officially wrapped up our Chemistry unit with our post test. Overall scores increased a little over 30% from the pretest which is awesome! We love to see the growth.

For those students who did not do as well as they wanted to, USA Test Prep is up and running. The due date for this is November 18…10 full days to work on it if you want. Progress reports are coming out soon. If you are missing assignments, please complete these and turn them in before Monday so I can upload grades.

November 6, 2017

Hi all. I trust students have been working hard on the study packets and are preparing for the Test on Wednesday. Remember, my expectation is that today in class students are finishing the packets and checking the answers (which will be posted below). Tomorrow, since students do not have school, please re-read your notes, re-read your study guide with the corrected answers, create some flashcards, re-write information that you’re still struggling with and/or ask me some questions! I will be holding an open review session Wednesday morning before the test from 8-8:50. Please come prepared with questions or concepts that you want to go over.

Chemistry Unit Review 2017 – KEY-2gypglx

Here are just a few other announcements:

  • Next Friday is Career day for 8th grade. If you are interested in volunteering, please look at the link below to sign up
  • Don’t forget to purchase a yearbook for your student!  The price is currently $40, but will increase soon.  To order, please click  here. As a reminder, yearbooks were not a part of the PTSA bundle at the beginning of the year.  Yearbooks are purchased online through Jostens.  Payment is not taken here at school. If you have questions, please email Mrs. Jezerinac:  [email protected]
  • This week is Anti-Bullying week. We encourage all students to support this cause by participating in the fun activities we have planned”
    • Monday- Say Kind Things Day – Look for the good inside of everyone
    • Tuesday- NO SCHOOL
    • Wednesday- LIFT Day – Wear RED “It’s free to be kind”   “Kindness is contagious”
    • Thursday- Hero Day – wear your favorite super hero shirt- “Be someone’s hero” – Be an upstander
    • Friday- Mix-It Up:  Be Courageous– Wear PURPLE –Mix –it up at lunch, get to know a different person.

November 2, 2017

We finished stations from yesterday and made some clarifications over mixtures, solutions, and COLLOIDS. I’m posting some video links for this because some of us are still struggling with these concepts. We focused on elements, molecules, and atoms today.

Students are receiving packets tomorrow to work on in class both tomorrow and Monday. The expectation is that on Tuesday, they can study their packets. I will post answers Monday afterschool so students can check  their work and study from this. This is ALL material we have covered already, so none of this should be new to them.

I am going to hold a review session before school on Wednesday so students can come and ask questions and we can review before the test. It will be from 8-8:50.

Answer Key-task cards PT-2eprqvx

November 1, 2017

Happy November!

In physical science we are now coming to a close on our Chemistry unit. Today as well as the next 3 class periods are being dedicated to reviewing the material we have learned thus far this year. Students worked on stations today and will be given study packets on Friday. We will have a big unit test next Wednesday November 8, right after our day off. Please encourage students to study during this time! We have to keep reviewing to make sure we don’t lose all this valuable knowledge before our Milestones in May.

I will be inputting several grades in the next couple days. I told students that if they were “missing” any worksheets from the IAN check that they needed to resubmit so I could give them credit for completing their work in class. I am attaching the answer sheet from the questions in class today, so students can go back and see what they missed and what topics they might need to brush up on.

Taske Cards ANSWER SHEET-2nmp0vp

October 30, 2017

Happy Halloween Eve! News for tomorrow:

“The McClure Staff is celebrating HALLOWEEN in a BIG way TOMORROW, so dig in the couch cushions, look under the car seats, and check your pockets for LOOSE change!  You will be voting for BEST COSTUME TOMORROW!!  ALL PROCEEDS benefit our Maverick Miracle Tree to assist our McClure families in need!”       (This is for our teachers/staff and not students)

In science today students quizzed over The Law of Conservation of Mass. We will continue to reinforce this concept and continue reviewing our Chemistry portion of the class. We are wrapping up which means that in 2 weeks we will test over our whole unit. The next 5-6 classes we will be reviewing with stations, games, study packets, etc to help prepare our students for success. With Milestones in May, we really have to make sure students don’t just “dump” all their knowledge onto their unit tests and forget about it when may rolls around. Keep encouraging students to read and re-read notes and lessons we have done in IAN.

Also, USA Test Prep is due by the end of tonight. So if students still need recovery from the last test, please let them work on this. Have a great night!