Vertebrate Webquest

Vertebrate Webquest ZOOM All About Mammals What are 3 characteristics that ALL mammals have?     The slowest mammal is _________________________________ The loudest mammal is _________________________________ The smelliest mammal is ________________________________   Mammal Index section Pick ONE mammal and give me 5 facts about it.     ZOOM All About Birds Describe at…

Graduation Tickets

Dear Vaughan 5th Grade families: The end of the year is here and the time to celebrate our 5th graders is fast approaching. On Friday your student brought home 2 tickets to the 5th grade graduation ceremony being held on May 24, at 9am in the Vaughan cafeteria.  Because of the number of students and…

Math Videos

Here are some videos to help with your math project.   Stem and Leaf Plot Line Chart Line Plot Pictograph Pie Chart Cropping Images

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