Vertebrate Webquest

Vertebrate Webquest

ZOOM All About Mammals

What are 3 characteristics that ALL mammals have?



The slowest mammal is _________________________________

The loudest mammal is _________________________________

The smelliest mammal is ________________________________


Mammal Index section Pick ONE mammal and give me 5 facts about it.



ZOOM All About Birds

  1. Describe at least 3 adaptations that allow birds to fly.



How long is an ostrich’s egg incubation period? _______________________

How long is a pigeon’s egg incubation period? _______________________

Do birds have knees? ________________

  1. Click on the Extreme Birds section.

Which bird is the oddest flyer? ______________________________

Which bird flies the fastest in the sky? ____________________ How many mph? _____________

Which bird has the longest tongue? ___________________________

Which bird lives the longest? ______________________________ How many years? ______________



Cornell Lab of Ornithology

  1. Click on the Bird Guide. Select ONE bird and give me 5 facts about it.






  1. Click on the Bird Cam section and check out the Barn Owls! How many owls are in the nest? What are they doing today?




A Touch of Class


To play the game … Write the name of the category in a space below and then click on all of the organisms that match the category listed at the top. When you think you have all of them, click to GO button to check your answers and write your score in the last blank. You need to play at least 3 rounds!

Category – _____________________________________ Points Earned = __________

Category – _____________________________________ Points Earned = __________

Category – _____________________________________ Points Earned = __________


Animal Classes

Click the link for “Animal Classes” to help you identify each animal group by its description. _____________ Cold-blooded invertebrates that have 3 body segments and 3 pairs of legs. _____________ Warm-blooded vertebrates that have hair or fur, give birth to live young, and nurse their young with milk.

_____________ Warm-blooded vertebrates that have feathers and wings as well as lay eggs. _____________ Cold-blooded vertebrates that have scales, dry skin, and usually lay eggs. _____________ Cold-blooded vertebrates that have moist, smooth skin, live on land and water, and have webbed feet.

Click the link for “Classification Games” and try each one. Record your scores below.

African Savannah – Score = _____             North American Forest – Score = ______

Animal Classification Game


Drag each characteristic into the correct bin.

Record how many mistakes you made on your first round. ________ Keep playing until you get 100%.


Animal Classification Millionaire


Click on Play this Game! Record how much money were you able to “win” on your first attempt.

__________________Make sure your name is on this paper and turn it in!

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