Weather Unit Test Review

Layers of the Atmosphere

  1. Click Here for Layers of the Atmosphere Quizlet
  2. Click Here for Layers of the Atmosphere Quizizz Review 1 (Game Code: 764490)
  3. Click Here for Layers of the Atmosphere Quizizz Review 2 (Game Code: 134489)

Atmospheric Heating

  1. Click Here for Atmospheric Heating (Heat Transfer) Quizlet
  2. Click Here for Atmospheric Heating Quizizz                (Game Code: 699986)


  1. Click Here for Winds Quizlet
  2. Click Here for Winds Review 1 Quizizz                           (Game Code: 971702)
  3. Click Here for Earth’s Global and Local Winds            (Game Code: 702577)

Water in the Atmosphere

  1.  Click Here for Water in the Atmosphere Quizlet
  2. Click Here for Water in the Atmosphere Quizizz         (Game Code: 184520 )

Air Masses and Fronts

  1.  Click Here for Air Masses Quizlet
  2. Click Here for Air Masses Quizizz                                    (Game Code: 060962)
  3. Click Here for Fronts Quizlet
  4. Click Here for Air Masses and Fronts Quizizz              (Game Code: 245559)

Severe Weather (Storms)

  1.  Click Here for Severe Weather (Storms) Quizlet
  2. Click Here for Severe Weather (Storms) Quizizz         (Game Code: 610684)

Weather Unit Study Guides

  1.  Weather Study Guide Part 1-Weather -Study Guide part 1 2017 answer guide-1cxmp3p
  2. Weather Study Guide Part 2-Weather-Study-Guide-Part-2-Answers-2018-2crtfao


Requirements for the Weather Unit Review

1. Score 100% on each of the Quizlet Test for each section- Click the option button and select Multiple Choice for each Quizlet Test

2. Score an 85% or above on the each Quizizz Test- Make sure you include your First Name, Last Name, and Class Period for each of the quizizz in each section.


Assessment Sites for Air Masses and Fronts

  1. Make sure you have completed the -What Influences Weather Digital Lesson (Online Textbook Activity)- How do ocean currents affect weather? (Explain)
  2. Click Here for Assessment Review 1 Air Masses and Front- Take the Quiz- Record your Score

  3. Click Here for Assessment Review 2- Record your Score

  4. Click Here for Assessment Review 3- Record your Score

  5. Click Here for Air Masses Quizlet (Take the Test and Score 100% (Select Multiple Choice option)

  6. Click Here for Assessment Review 5-Record your Score

  7. Click Here for Fronts Quizlet (Take the Test and Score 100% (Select the Multiple Choice Option)

  8. Click Here for Assessment Review 7-Record your Score

  9. Click Here for the Air Masses and Fronts Quizizz-Game Code- 425254 ( (FirstName, LastName, and Class Period)

Severe Weather Webquest and Study Guide

We have begun our lesson on severe weather.  This Weather WebQuest is to be completed by Friday, December 14, 2018. Your study guide is due also on Friday, Decemeber 14, 2018.


Go to


Go to

***Click on each type of front and read the description and watch the simulation.

Go to

Part Two:

Weather Maps

Go to

Tropical Storms

Differences between Hurricanes, Typhoons & Cyclones Video –


Go to



Tornado  Alley

Georgia Tornadoes


BrainPop Humidity Video

Air Masses Video 1

Air Masses and Fronts Video 2

Air Masses and Fronts Video 3

Atmosphere and Global Warming


  1. Layers of the Atmosphere Quiz on Thursday
  2. Complete the online textbook reading.
  3. Complete the online virtual lab.
  4. Create a mnemonic for the layers of the atmosphere and share it HERE.
  5. Begin working on your environmental soapbox speech. You will pick one of the following topics to research and write a 1-minute speech to present to your classmates via Flipgrid.  Topics are: climate change, global warming, reducing greenhouse gases, or protecting the ozone.  Be sure to use the speech outline given to you in class. DUE: Midnight, Sunday, October 28, 2018.  We will vote on the best speeches on Tuesday.  The winners will present their speeches at our curriculum night on Thursday, November 1, 2018.


  1. Click Here for Weather and Climate Study Jams Video and Quiz
  2. Click Here for Atmosphere Study Jams Video and Quiz
  3.  Click Here for Atmosphere Quizlet
  4. Weather-versus-Climate-2018-27o4ziq-27jy62w
  5. Click Here for Weather and Climate Quizizz Review Game Code: 124130
  6. Click Here for the Layers of the Atmosphere – Great Review for Quiz on Thursday

Layers of the Atmosphere Video 1

Layers of Atmosphere Video 2

Layers of the Atmosphere Video 3

Layers of the Atmosphere Video 4

Layers of the Atmosphere Video 5

Layers of the Atmosphere Video 6

Greenhouse  Effect and Global Warming

Global Warming



We are beginning our unit on weather with a study of the atmosphere.

Scholars have been assigned a digital lesson in their online Science textbooks.

At the end of today’s lesson, please submit an answer for the Padlet below.  This is due by Thursday at 5 pm.  Feel free to respond to someone’s post respectfully.