Learning Questions-

  1. What are minerals?
  2. How do they help us?


S6CS9. Students will investigate the features of the process of scientific inquiry

S6E5. Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information to show how Earth’s surface is formed.

  1. Plan and carry out an investigation of the characteristics of minerals and how minerals contribute to rock composition.

Today’s SUCCESS STARTER can be found HERE. To answer the question follow the directions on the screen.  Use the camera that is on your phone or in the laptop.

Today we will test several minerals virtually HERE.

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Quizlet 1

Quizlet 2

Seafloor Spreading

Seafloor Spreading Diagram

Learning Questions-

  1. How are the layers of the Earth alike and different? (temperature, density, thickness, composition and pressure)
  2. What is the Continental Drift Theory? (Who proposed the theory?)
  3. What evidence supports the claim that the Earth’s surface and climate has changed overtime?
  4. What is the process of sea-floor spreading? (Describe where and how the seafloor spreads)
  5. What is the theory of plate tectonics?
  6. What drives the movement of the tectonic plates?
  7. What are the types of plate movement?
  8. What types of geological events and landforms are created when tectonic plates move?


Standard S6E5. Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information to show how Earth’s surface is formed.

a.     Ask questions to compare and contrast the Earth’s crust, mantle, inner and outer core, including temperature, density, thickness, and composition.

f.     Construct an explanation of how the movement of lithospheric plates, called plate tectonics, can cause major geologic events such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.(Clarification statement: Include convergent, divergent, and transform boundaries.)

g.     Construct an argument using maps and data collected to support a claim of how fossils show evidence of the changing surface and climate of the Earth.


  1. Science Starter
  2. Plate Tectonic Note Sheet-Plate Tectonics Notes Sheet 2019-29qymvc
  3. Plate Tectonic PowerPoint-PLATE+TECTONICS 2019-20317f9
  4. Seafloor Spreading Activity Sheet-Sea-Floor Spreding Questions 2019-1q2wf0x
  5. T.O.D.


Layers of the Earth Quizlet

Click Here for Layers of the Earth Quizlet

Continental Drift Quizlet and Seafloor Spreading

Click Here for the Continental Drift and Seafloor Spreading Quizlet

Plate Tectonic Theory

Click Here for the Plate Tectonic Theory Quizlet

Plate Tectonics Video

Seafloor Spreading Video

Continental Drift Video

Layers of the Earth


Layers of the Earth Games

 1. Click Here for Game 1

2. Click Here for Game 2

3.  Click Here for Game 3

4.  Click Here for Game 4

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Weather Unit Test Review

Layers of the Atmosphere

  1. Click Here for Layers of the Atmosphere Quizlet
  2. Click Here for Layers of the Atmosphere Quizizz Review 1 (Game Code: 764490)
  3. Click Here for Layers of the Atmosphere Quizizz Review 2 (Game Code: 134489)

Atmospheric Heating

  1. Click Here for Atmospheric Heating (Heat Transfer) Quizlet
  2. Click Here for Atmospheric Heating Quizizz                (Game Code: 699986)


  1. Click Here for Winds Quizlet
  2. Click Here for Winds Review 1 Quizizz                           (Game Code: 971702)
  3. Click Here for Earth’s Global and Local Winds            (Game Code: 702577)

Water in the Atmosphere

  1.  Click Here for Water in the Atmosphere Quizlet
  2. Click Here for Water in the Atmosphere Quizizz         (Game Code: 184520 )

Air Masses and Fronts

  1.  Click Here for Air Masses Quizlet
  2. Click Here for Air Masses Quizizz                                    (Game Code: 060962)
  3. Click Here for Fronts Quizlet
  4. Click Here for Air Masses and Fronts Quizizz              (Game Code: 245559)

Severe Weather (Storms)

  1.  Click Here for Severe Weather (Storms) Quizlet
  2. Click Here for Severe Weather (Storms) Quizizz         (Game Code: 610684)

Weather Unit Study Guides

  1.  Weather Study Guide Part 1-Weather -Study Guide part 1 2017 answer guide-1cxmp3p
  2. Weather Study Guide Part 2-Weather-Study-Guide-Part-2-Answers-2018-2crtfao


Requirements for the Weather Unit Review

1. Score 100% on each of the Quizlet Test for each section- Click the option button and select Multiple Choice for each Quizlet Test

2. Score an 85% or above on the each Quizizz Test- Make sure you include your First Name, Last Name, and Class Period for each of the quizizz in each section.