August 30

1st month of school!

We have had a great 1st month of school in specials. Here is what we have been learning:


Rules and procedures in the gym. We have an acronym called P.E.A.C.E to remind students of the P.E. rules.

P– Protect the P.E. equipment

E– Enter and exit quietly

A– Attention: the first time!

C– Cooperation

E– Esteem; respect everyone

In addition to going over the rules and procedures, we have played many cooperation games to encourage good sportsmanship and teamwork. The older grades (3-5) are beginning the Fall Fitnessgram assessments.


In Art, we have been making our Art notebook. Each student has one. Also, Ms. Mckeehan has been teaching the students how to fill picture space with art ideas. Of course, Art rules and procedures have been established, too.


Refer to the music blog for all the information you’ll need to see what’s going on in the Music world!

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May 23

Summer Time 2017

Can you believe it? The 2016-2017 school year has almost finished. One day left! What a fast, yet fun, year we had in specials! 5th graders, enjoy middle school and make Blackwell P.R.O.U.D. Enjoy your summer!

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March 1

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