April Themes

Agriculture and Apples- Tomberlain

Kindergarten-2nd graders:  We are reading the book, The Apple Pie Tree, and learning about apples.  We will also compare and contrast fruits and vegetables, sequence making an apple pie and learn how the different seasons affect the life cycle of an apple tree.

This month our 3rd-5th grade students will be learning about crops, livestock and industrial products.  It is amazing to learn which products are made using crops and livestock.  We will target vocabulary, context clues, inferencing skills, labeling and listening comprehension.

Spring: Easter, Earth Day, Weather- Van der heijden

Kindergarten-2nd graders: This month we have been learning about descriptive words (adjectives) related to Spring and the Easter holiday! Prepositions, grammar/syntax, articulation and multi-step directions will be addressed. We will end this part of the month with a spring egg hunt while applying all of the above skills while diving into our student specific objectives!

We will also be learning about Earth day by learning facts, using articulation words related to Earth day and determining important vs. unimportant details to help us determine the main idea.

3rd-5th grades: This month we will be reading the weather book, “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”. We will be applying story vocabulary, make inferences/predictions related to the text and pictures, apply Braidy the story braid and sequence story parts. We will also have a spring egg hunt to address student specific objectives!

Joke of the month (Earth Day):

What kind of plant can you grow on your hand?

Answer: a PALM tree!

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