Halfway through the 2nd Nine Weeks!

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This nine weeks is flying by! Here are some thanks yous, reminders, and notes…

THANK YOU so much for your donations for Market Day! The kids were so amazed at all the goodies they had to choose from! I am so appreciative of your generosity with your Annual Campaign and to my classroom!

25 Books- As we are halfway through the nine weeks, your child will have an update about their progress towards their 25 Book Challenge this week- this will be written in the agenda.

Curriculum Notes:

Math-  We just finished the topic of multiplicative comparison. Mrs. Turner and I have reminded the students of the importance of memorizing their math facts and that it will take work to learn them. We will take weekly multiplication tests to assess their progress towards learning this facts. Students will be given extra homework to practice these facts at home; this homework will be based on the facts they are missing in classwork and on the timed tests. The next topic of study is multi-digit multiplication; hence the importance of having those facts down. Because we will be teaching partial product multiplication and the area model, please be sure to see the INB to understand how we are teaching multiplication. I eventually will teach the algorithm, but it is necessary for students to understand how to multiply with partial products. We will do a formative assessment on Friday to check students understanding of partial products. For the past four years that I’ve taught this strategy, I’ve found that students pick up on this much faster than the algorithm!

Reading- We have turned our focus towards fiction and I have begun to introduce the “Notice and Note” strategy of Signposts. This strategy for close reading has been used by 5th grade for the past few years, and I’m so glad to be able to use it with my reading class. There are six “signposts” that students look for in their reading that help reveal pieces of the plot, conflict, characters, or theme about the book or story being read. We have discussed Contrasts & Contradictions and Aha Moments, and we will go through the other four this week. Each signpost has a page in our Reading INB, and all will have a written example of that signpost within a text/short video we’ve studied. We will be practicing finding these signposts in texts together, but also in a book we’re reading together, George’s Marvelous Medicine.

Writing- Several students have finished their narrative final drafts, but many are still working. As students finish this week, they will be working on word work/vocabulary skills with the book Fox, which we are studying for our opinion writing, our next big project.

Social Studies- We are having a short unit on Explorers that will begin after our Weather forecasts are presented.

Science- Students have begun presenting their weather forecasts. Over the past two weeks, students collected data for a city of their choosing and using their knowledge of fronts and air pressure, wrote a script for a weather forecast to be presented in front of the class. Students were given a checklist and rubric of expectations for this project. They are doing a great job so far!

Important Dates:

  • 11/13 Stevi B’s Night
  • 11/16 Thanksgiving Feast 4th Grade Students (11:45-12:40)
  • 11/20-11/24 Thanksgiving Holidays
  • 12/19-12/20 Early Release Days

Week 11 Check-In

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Hello! I am so enjoying getting to meet with you and share the progress of your children! What an amazing class I have! Thank you for all your support of me and our school. Ford is a great place to be!

MARKET DAY IS COMING! It is time to spend some of our hard earned Bonus Bucks! I will be in touch via email about a date for our Market Day. If you can, please look for items you could donate for this event. Small toys, gently used items from home, books, candy, items from the Dollar Store or Dollar Spot in Target are great. I  will also ask for some specific food items. Thank you for your help making this a great event!

25 Book Celebration- Our 25 Book Celebration was today! I would love for everyone to be able to attend our next one, which is our Dessert Cafe!

BYOD- I will send BYOD forms home Friday. We have been using our class laptops and iPads to access articles about the different Native American tribes. With explorers coming next, it would be a great time for kids to be able to have their own devices to access this information any time they have time during the day.

Curriculum Notes:

Math-  We will have our SWYK on Friday for factors, multiples, and prime and composite numbers. We have played the game “Factor Race” to practice our factor-finding fluency 🙂 Also, we took a multiplication fact fluency test on facts 0-5. Students who need to work on facts will have homework sent home to get these facts mastered. Next week, we will take a test on the 0-9 facts. Our topic for next week is number and visual patterns.

Reading- With our new Scholastic News issue is headlined “Good News for Grizzlies?” and we are working on the skill of summarizing. We have also begun Unit 2 for Vocab Workshop, which will be assessed next Friday. Reading conferencing will continue this week also.

In writing, we have completed our hook and will work to develop our setting and character descriptions in our narratives.

Social Studies- We are continuing our study of Native Americans. By the end of this week, we will have notes for all tribes. The test on Native Americans will be on Wednesday. There are many resources linked on Edmodo for students to research above and beyond our study in class.

Important Dates:

  • October 31st- Halloween- wear your costume with a $2 donation to the Ford Foundation!

Week 10 Updates

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We logged on to Edmodo for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I assigned our first assignment last week, which was due Monday. Students have their user name and password recorded on a sheet (along with many other log-in/password info) in their agenda, tagged with a small sticky note. I have modeled how to complete assignments. I know the kids are excited about this digital resource!

Conference Week is next week! I am nearly done finalizing times. Next week, I will have my students write a reminder in their agendas for when their conference is.

Curriculum Notes:

Math-  This week and next we are working on factors, multiples, and prime and composite numbers. Students need to work on getting/keeping multiplication facts mastered in order to be successful with this standard. We will begin taking timed tests in class to help practice fluency. Please work at home on this, also. Be sure to check the INB for notes, tips, and tricks for finding factors, including divisibility rules!

ELA- We are continuing our work from last week with our Scholastic News/Weekly Reader with making connections and also working on reading data from a chart. Last week, I also reviewed the strategy of numbering evidence in the text to prove answers on the back of the Scholastic News and on the Be a Quiz Whiz! sheets. Students need to show evidence of their answers in addition to marking the answer. Also, this week I will begin to conference with students about their independent reading books and what genres they need to read for the 25 Book Challenge. In writing, we are continuing to work on our narrative with developing characters.

Social Studies- We are beginning our study of Native Americans. Students will begin taking notes on the six tribes we study: Inuit, Kwakiutl, Nez Perce, Pawnee, Hopi, and Seminole. There are many resources linked on Edmodo for students to research above and beyond our study in class.

Important Dates: 

  • October 12th- Early Release- dismissal at 12:30
  • October 13th- Fall Festival 6-8:30 p.m.
  • October 16th-20th- Conference Week- dismissal at 12:15
  • October 31st- Halloween- wear your costume with a $2 donation to the Ford Foundation!

Week 9 Updates!

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I hope you all had a wonderful Fall Break with your families! I enjoyed the time of with my husband and kiddos! Now that we’re back, we have only one week left of this nine weeks- we’re nearly a quarter of the way through the year! Unbelievable! With the end of the nine weeks comes some important reminders.

First, all the deadline to meet the 25 Book Challenge for this nine weeks is Monday. This means that students should have 6 stickers for their 25 Book Challenge. The week before break,  students wrote in their agenda how many stickers/stars they had. I would love for everyone to be able to join us in our first party, Books for Breakfast! All organizers are due Monday the 9th. Invitations for Books for Breakfast will be handed out by Friday the 13th.

Conference Week is October 16th-20th.  Conference forms went out Monday. Please return this as soon as possible. As soon as I get all of them back I will work on rescheduling those of you who need changes.

A delayed thank you: A BIG thank you to the parents who came for our workday for our site the Monday before break! We had a very successful tour for the U.S. Department of Education. Here is a link to an article written about our school with some photos: http://cobbcast.cobbk12.org/?p=21693

Rivers Alive- Our field trip is Friday. Click here for reminders for the trip. Parents/grandparents are welcome!

Curriculum Notes:

Math-  This week we are working on perimeter. Students will need to be able to find the perimeter of a rectangle and find the measurement of a missing side when given the perimeter and another side. This can be a complicated process when using the formula- it’s pretty heavy algebra. We have will do many examples in class that will be in the INB, and I have told students to make sure they are using their INBs when doing the work to make sure they don’t forget steps. Again, please remember to check over their homework at home when possible. Because this is such a small standard, I won’t be giving a whole test on this concept by itself; there will be a short quiz with several problems on finding the area of a rectangle and several on finding the missing side. This will be given Friday before we leave for the field trip.

ELA- We will be working on making connections. I will introduce this skill with a book by Patricia Polacco (one of my favorite authors!) called My Rotten Red-Headed Brother. We will specifically discuss making deeper connections and moving beyond superficial ones of physical traits of the character. We will work on making connections to non-fiction text, also, as we work through our Weekly Reader. We will continue to work on attacking non-fiction text remembering to read all the text features in the article and also work on the close reading questions for the cover article. In writing, we will work on creating hooks for our narrative.

Science- Last week, we completed a lab called “Water Cycle in a Bag.” Students are able to observe how the water cycle can take place in a small environment. They have questions and a drawing of their bags in their INB. This lab will be graded as an assessment for the Water Cycle standard- there won’t be a SWYK. We will also begin our study of weather and climate.

Social Studies- The U.S. man-made and natural features SWYK will be Thursday. We finished the Power  Point Monday and students will complete a map as homework to help them review all these features. Studying the notes and map will help them prepare for the SWYK.

Important Dates: 

  • October 6th- Rivers Alive Field Trip
  • October 12th- Early Release- dismissal at 12:30
  • October 13th- Fall Festival 6-8 p.m.
  • October 16th-20th- Conference Week- dismissal at 12:15

Week 7 Updates

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I hope you enjoyed your days at home and are ready for this week! Since it shortened, many of the topics are going to be continued into next week.

Curriculum Notes:

Math-  Our SWYK  on the addition and subtraction algorithm will be Friday. Please remember to check over their homework at home when possible. Next week we will work on model drawing and solving addition and subtraction word problems.  Please be sure to see that I am going to see examples of model drawing.

ELA- This week  we will be doing a couple activities with Scholastic news, but not  go as in-depth as usual. We will be working on the skill of reading/using a diagram. In writing, we will work on completing a draft of our narrative.

Science- We are continuing our study of water, it’s states, and how it changes from state to state. Next week we will discuss these state changes and the part they play in the water cycle. The INB has some great vocabulary and pictures to review! Our SWYK  on the states of matter with water will most likely be Monday.

Social Studies- There are several man-made and natural landmarks in regions that students need to identify in the United States. We will begin looking at these this week. There will be a map and guided notes in the INB that go along with the PowerPoint we will be working on. Most of this will happen next week.

Important Dates: 

  • September 19th- early release 15 minutes early at 2 o’clock for the Department of Education tour of our outdoor learning.
  • September 25th-29th- Fall Break

Week 5 Wrap-Up and Looking Ahead to Week 6…

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Hello! We are about halfway through the nine weeks! Please sign up for Class Dojo if you haven’t.  Also, next week, information about BYOD (Bring Your Ow Device) will go home.

Curriculum Notes:

Math- We took the SWYK on Wednesday as you know. This allowed up a couple more days with practicing rounding to any place value. We have introduced the standard algorithm for addition and subtraction and will continue working on this and word problems with addition and subtraction next week. Our SWYK will likely be next Friday or early the week after next. Please look in the agenda for reminders for that and notes in case it changes.

ELA- This week we have looked at how author’s use imagery and sensory details to help the reader. This has aided us with our work on our narratives, also! Next week, we will discuss making connections using fiction and non-fiction texts. Also this week, we worked on close-reading strategies with our Weekly Reader magazine, using non-fiction text features to help our understanding, and reviewed expectations for completing the back page activities for the Weekly Reader. In writing, we are continuing our narrative writing focusing on character development. We also will work on answering close-reading questions (questions that usually require some inferring) and the structure required to be thorough in our answering of those types of questions.

Science- We are continuing our study of water, it’s states, and how it changes from state to state. Next week we will discuss these state changes and the part they play in the water cycle. The INB has some great vocabulary and pictures to review!

Social Studies- We have worked on some basic map skills and will put these into practice with our unit on Native Americans, which we will be beginning soon.

Important Dates: 

  • September 4th- Labor Day

Week 4 Updates

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This week we are getting more into our content learning and less time on procedures. I am very excited to get to the some of the exciting content in 4th grade!

Hopefully all of you received the page about joining us on Class Dojo. I will be using this app for reminders to you and to send pictures from our days. Also, during the day, I will use this to give students points for positive behaviors- points will converted to Bonus Bucks every month. I still give out Bonus Bucks more often, but Class Dojo is great because I can add points when we’re not in the classroom, and then I don’t have to carry my “cash” around with me. 😉

Also, thank you for sending in notes about dismissal changes and about absences/early checkouts. It helps the office and me so much when they are on separate paper and not in the agenda!

Curriculum Notes:

Math- This week into next, we are studying comparing, ordering, and rounding numbers to any place value. Our SWYK will most likely be Monday. Then next week we will work on the standard algorithm for addition and subtraction- this is just the name of what most of us know is the regular way to add and subtract. As I mentioned at Open House, students should start bringing home their Math INBs daily. This will help guide them through homework and you through the content and strategies we are teaching with math. We usually have a SWYK (test) every week in math.

Reading- We are reviewing guidelines for our Reader’s Workshop. Also, we will read a couple books and identify sensory details that authors use. We will also begin using our Weekly Reader magazine and reviewing non-fiction text features like subtitles, headings, captions, and text boxes, and learning strategies for reading non-fiction text like magazines/newspapers.

Writing- Our first unit for Writing is narrative. This week we are reviewing the elements of narrative writing and formulating topic ideas. We will also start to draft a narrative and will begin working on character development. Other informational writing strategies will be taught during Reader’s Workshop with our Weekly Reader magazines when answering Close Reading questions. These questions require thorough written answers where we will use the R.A.C.E. strategy to help us answer.

Science- We did not get to our Weather Data Teams this week, but have begun to track some elements of weather. I will begin introducing all of the elements as we begin our water unit so we are good to go the first of September. We are beginning our study of water and the water cycle. Students will start bringing home their INBs often during this unit so you can see what we are studying. Remember, all notes and important papers will be in the INB. This is where they will look to study for their tests/quizzes.

Social Studies- The SWYK was given on Friday Economics. We will be doing a quick unit of basic map skills this week and next while covering water in science.

Important Dates: 

  • August 30th- Early Release @12:30
  • September 4th- Labor Day

Week 1 and Ahead to Week 2

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What a fun first week we had! We played games, had a “snowball” fight, visited The Wooded Classroom and watered our native pollinator gardens, and learned about the routines and expectations of 4th grade. I am so excited to work with your children this year- last week was an amazing beginning to our year!

Open House is tomorrow, August 8th, from 6:00-8:00. I hope to see you! I will be sharing a lot of important information. I emailed a copy of my handbook earlier today and will add it to the blog under “Class Information” for you to reference. The first session starts at 6:00 and the second at 7:00. Also, please visit the cafeteria to get your activation code for ParentVue- this is how you will access your child’s grades. The registering parent will need to be present and bring a picture ID to receive your child’s activation code.

Curriculum Notes:

Math- We will be studying place value, forms of a number, reading large numbers, comparing and ordering numbers.

Reading/Writing/ELA- We took the RI on Monday and that will be used to set the Lexile range for reading. We will discuss choosing a “just right” book and good reading habits. We also will be reading the short story “The Green Man” and practicing skills such as analyzing text, vocabulary, locating evidence to support answers, and other higher-level thinking skills.

Science- I will introduce Weather Data Teams this week. This year, our class will be collecting data on several different elements of weather and our Earth. This is a great real-life activity that ties in with our weather, water, space, and data collection standards!

Social Studies- We will be reviewing Economics basics, like needs/wants, basic needs, supply/demand, producers/consumers, goods/services, spending/saving, and other such concepts. There will be a SWYK (an assessment) early next week on these topics.

Important Dates: 

  • August 8 – Open House 6:00-8:00
  • August 11 – Bingo Night
  • August 16 – Picture Day AND Safety Village Field Trip
  • August 21 – ECLIPSE! Delayed Dismissal by 45 minutes