How can parents help?

Any time you show interest in and support for your child’s school work, you help.  Ask your child to share the stories that we have done in class or to teach someone in the family a song!  Encourage students to tell the teacher whenever there is confusion or stress about the class or the work. […]

What does a TPRS class look like?

   It sounds like a lot of Spanish!  Some typical activities are:  Storytelling   – The teacher starts with the outline of a story and asks the class large numbers of questions that 1) ensure that the class understands the language and 2) add personalized, interesting (and sometimes very funny!) details to the story. Story writing […]

What is TPRS?

TPRS® stands for Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling.  It is based on the idea that the brain needs an enormous amount of “comprehensible input” in the language.  We choose the most commonly used words and phrases and use them in stories, conversations and other activities. Everything we talk about in the target language is […]

About Teasley Elementary K-5 Spanish Class

This class is taught by optimizing immersion using the TPRS® method. Our class activities are designed to provide students with many opportunities to be involved in the Spanish language at or just above their level of understanding.  Each language-building activity is designed to introduce or strengthen the understanding of high frequency words and phrases in […]

Teasley Spanish Club

Teasley Spanish Club 2019 Teasley Club is a fun place where we can learn even more Spanish by playing games, making crafts, singing songs, and more!  Teasley Spanish Club is for Teasley students in 2nd -5th  grades and is offered for free by Sra. Vega. Teasley Spanish Club session is 5 weeks long on Thursday […]

2018-2019 School year!!

Saludos padres y estudiantes de Teasley Elementary!! I’m so excited for this school year,  I can’t wait to tell you, all the things we are going to learn during this school year.   Hasta pronto   Señora Vega    

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