Week 6

September 4-7th

Monday is Labor day 

6th grade

  • Robotics 1-examples of robots, what can/can’t robots do?
  • Types of robots
  • Introduction to the EV3 Robot-7 basic components

EV3 Sensors-programming

7th grade

Biomimetic Shelter

  • Research inventions/innovations,
  • Think of a solution to a problem in your society
  • Plan-build -share a prototype of your invention/innovation

8th grade

  • Historical development of technological systems- complete and get ready to present.
  • Engineering the future: The Big Wheel

10 Tallest Ferries Wheels in the world


Week 4 August 20th 2018

6th grade

ENGR-EET-2:  Students will evaluate the impacts of engineering & technology on Society

7th grade

MSENGR-II-2:  Students will examine the core concepts of engineering and technology.

  • Reverse engineering a simple system
  • Sample

8th grade

MSENGR-TS-2:  The students will develop an understanding of how the design process is used to develop a technological system

  • Manufacturing system: Build a board spinner/spin wheel

Week 2

August 6-10, 2018

Semester long vocabulary worksheet will be issued today


  • Safety contract and quiz
  • Engineering and Technology pathways


  • Safety contract and quiz
  • Inventor-Invention poster
  • Invention timeline


  • Safety contract and quiz
  • Diagramming a system’s input
  • Diagramming a system-process, output and feedback

Applying USM: Telemedicine

Simple common system:​  (Answer the following questions-USE OFFICE 365)


  1. What is telemedicine​?
  2. How is telemedicine applied in our society?
  3. How could telemedicine  change our society​?
  4. How does the USM apply to telemedicine?


Video: https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/telemedicine/index.html

UCLA lung transplant


Universal System Model (USM) Lung Transplant activity 

Watch the video on a lung transplant and answer the questions below.
1.  Identify the each part of the Universal Systems model. (template in EDMODO)
2. How are these doctors trying to improve the old process of lung transplants?
3.  How will this technology shape our society?