Week 1 and 2 Semester 2

January 4th and 5th

6, 7 and 8th grade

Safety in the lab and online


CTAE-FS-7 Safety, Health and Environment:

  • Learners employ safety, health and environmental management systems in corporations and comprehend their importance to organizational performance and regulatory compliance.

CTAE-FS-9 Ethics and Legal Responsibilities:

  • Learners commit to work ethics, behavior, and legal responsibilities in the workplace.

Create a lab or online Safety

Read and summarize the 7 categories then:

  • Poster (6th Given one category from A-G),

  • Flyer (7th all categories A-G)¬†

  • Brochure (8th all categories A-G).

Wednesday 1/10/18

  1. DUE: Engineering safety rules contract 
  2. Take Engineering safety quiz -in Edmodo
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