Week 8 March 11-15, 2019

Week 7 and 8 Semester 2

Girl Go CyberStart

Kennesaw Motorsport

February 25th to March 1, 2019

Tuesday 3.5.19: Assignment- 

9th grade

  • Game design-Khan Academy
  • Arduino -build and program a system of your choice
  • Create without downloading a software


8th grade -Big Wheel Project-Futuristic Ferris wheel

  • Instructions attached and in EDMODO

The Big Wheel presentation template.pptx-1r2a7gu

7th grade-Biotechnology

  • Biomimicry: TED Talk
  • Biomimetics: MIT cheetah



6th grade-Robotics 1: Basic robot and program using Lego Mindstorm.

Building and programming:

  • Build a simple EV3 robot of your choice
  • Add a color sensor
  • Add a touch sensor
  • program it to follow a line
  • program it to turn when it touch

Take a video of all the moves. Turn in.

Gears concept

Week 6 Semester 2

February 11 2019

WORD MATTERS: Engineering and Technology Vocabulary Volume 1 resources


9th grade 

Arduino UNO-build a system and program

8th grade

Technological systems-Applying the USM-Lung transplant

7th grade


Junk in my food/snack:

Bring your favorite snack to school on Thursday 1/14/19

6th grade

Types of robots

Introduction to mindstorm

Week 5 semester 2

9th:Ethical issues in Engineering and technology

  • Debate
  • Implants

8th: Historical Technological artifacts



Lung Transplant



7th: Introduction to biotechnology

Download the document below, save and fill in the missing information as you watch the video.


6th: Introduction to Robotics





Week 2 semester 2

EDMODO LOG IN: Open the EDMODO pdf-Click on your class link to join your class.


9th grade

  • Careers research presentation using SWAY.  Instructions below. Turn in-Office 365


PowerPoint: Careers_in_Engineering_FET-1td2i4t

IntructionsEngineering Pathway Project-sgeujy

Jobs:Engineering and Technology Jobs-1gcwzgl

Rubric:Profession Presentation Rubric (1)-1mls2z4

8th grade

  • Complete EVERFI: Digital literacy and responsibility
  • Review-USM video notes
  • Review-Engineering design process

7th grade

  • Complete EVERFI: Digital literacy and responsibility
  • Review-USM video notes
  • Review-Engineering design process

6th grade

  • Complete EVERFI: Digital literacy and responsibility
  • Introduction to Universal system Model (USM)
  • Introduction to the Engineering design process


Universal System Model (USM) Video notes

  • Use the notes page 8 in your vocabulary volume 1 packet-Fill in the missing information on the graphic organizer.

Video notes: https://slideplayer.com/slide/5263263/

Engineering design process Use the video to complete vocabulary packet volume 1 page 9

Week 16

December 3-7 2018

8th grade

  • Math and Coding-16 Mission, reports and assessment complete
  • Robotics and 3D design challenge:
  • Design a simple machine and build it using either 3d printer, lego & program or both.

7th grade

  • Future goals-Science edition (Earth, Life, and Physical science , Math a hockey game)

6th grade

  • Turn in 3D useful object
  • Global Issues research-Create a documentary