Week 16

December 3-7 2018

8th grade

  • Math and Coding-16 Mission, reports and assessment complete
  • Robotics and 3D design challenge:
  • Design a simple machine and build it using either 3d printer, lego & program or both.

7th grade

  • Future goals-Science edition (Earth, Life, and Physical science , Math a hockey game)

6th grade

  • Turn in 3D useful object
  • Global Issues research-Create a documentary

Week 13

November 5-9, 2018

8th grade: Khan academy

Late challenges:

Drawing and color challenges 

  • Simple snowman​
  • Waving snowman​
  • A sunny snowy day​
  • What is for dinner​

Animation challenges 

  • Exploding sun​
  • Parting clouds​
  • Shooting star​

*Text and String***

  • Ad design​

Due Friday 11/9/18

HTML-Picture-perfect trip​


  • Colorful creature​
  • Seasonal ids​
  • Apples and bananas classes​
  • Travel webpage​

7th grade

Robotics-Invention and innovation

Challenge: Design and build a robot that can accomplish a task: meet a need or solve a problem.

6th grade-Solid works

  • Introduction to Solid works
  • Design-cube-cylinder-camera-a product to use at home

October 29-November 2, 2018

8th grade Coding and programming

Drawing and color challenges past due

  1. Simple snowman
  2. Waving snowman
  3. A sunny snowy day
  4. What is for dinner

Animation challenges due by Wednesday

  1. Exploding sun
  2. Parting clouds
  3. Shooting star

Website project-Start learning

7th grade Biotechnology: Heal, feed and sustain

  • Feed: War on food research presentation-Past due
  • Heal: Wearables

  • Sustain: Is DNA the answer to classification?

6th grade

Everfi-ENDEAVOR: STEM career exploration

  • 4 lessons and assessment due by Wednesday 10/31/2018

October 15-26 2018

Student Led Conference week

and week of October 22-26, 2018

8th grade

Math, Coding and Programming

Introduction to binary system:  https://www.khanacademy.org/math/algebra-home/alg-intro-to-algebra/algebra-alternate-number-bases/v/number-systems-introduction  

Converting: https://www.khanacademy.org/math/algebra-home/alg-intro-to-algebra/algebra-alternate-number-bases/v/decimal-to-binary  

Coding and programing-create an account: 


7th grade

STEM and Food

Biotechnology-Heal, feed and sustain.  (click on the video versions on your right)


GMOs versus Organic

6th grade

Tour my city–Program the robot to help

Monday -Wednesday:  STEM and Toy activities (Material science and manufacturing)


STEM and Career readiness: https://everfi.com/log-in/ 

Week 6

September 4-7th

Monday is Labor day 

6th grade

  • Robotics 1-examples of robots, what can/can’t robots do?
  • Types of robots
  • Introduction to the EV3 Robot-7 basic components

EV3 Sensors-programming

7th grade

Biomimetic Shelter

  • Research inventions/innovations,
  • Think of a solution to a problem in your society
  • Plan-build -share a prototype of your invention/innovation

8th grade

  • Historical development of technological systems- complete and get ready to present.
  • Engineering the future: The Big Wheel

10 Tallest Ferries Wheels in the world