Exploring Engineering and Technology

3D Design with Solid Works

Lillee O. 6th grader Hexagon Sem 2 2016-17






Team Black Streak

Team Robo

Team Follow Bot

Team Junkie

Team the attacker

Recycling challenge

Students designed and built items that could be used at home by reusing and recycling.

EET 2: Students will evaluate the impact of engineering and technology on society.

Technology Standard 3: Understand the relationship among science, technology, society and the individual. Benchmark # 3: Know that man-made materials, products and systems can affect the environment adversely, yet there are things that can be done to circumvent this process (e.g., disposing of waste properly, reusing objects, recycling, reducing the amount of trash created, composting, shopping green, buying in bulk)

General Objectives:

  • Understand the concept of 4R’s and why it’s 20151020_162246plastic trashcanimportant.
  • Define the words reuse, recycle, and reduce, .
  • Device ways to recycle trash in their schools and homes.
  • Review the term respect, responsible, , safe.
  • Use math measurements of weight (grams/kilograms).

Specific objectives

Grade level: 6-8            Subject area: technology


Understands the relationships among science, technology, society, and the individual.


Knows ways in which technology and society influence one another (e.g., new products and processes for society are developed through technology; technological changes are often accompanied by social, political, and economic changes; technology is influenced by social needs, attitudes, values, and limitations and cultural backgrounds and beliefs).

Grade level: 6-8    Subject area: geography


Understands global development and environmental issues.


Understands the possible impact that present conditions and patterns of consumption, production, and population growth might have on the future spatial organization of Earth.


  1. Students will use the basic math skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to solve problems
  2. Students will analyze data by creating a bar graph or a pie chart.20151027_155457

Communicating Design


Students used their knowledge and skills on design to create 4 business essentials-Presentation, Logo, business card and websites.

Company package project

1. Company presentation

2. Logo

3. Business card

4. Website

Websites submitted to fulfill the Company package project:  All created using Education Weebly.


**Vogue Boutique – http://voguebotique.weebly.com/








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