Week 20 December 12 2016


6th to 8th learning from EPA Environmental Engineer Mr. Ben Franco and his son Ben (a former FMS student, robotics pioneer and now a Mech. Engineering student at Georgia Southern)

6th Grade

Designed world

  • Get some ideas of simple product


Climate Model 

Simple electric circuit model


7th  Grade


How can you connect effects of invention and innovation to human population? Can you create a 60 seconds video about it? Then, submit it to the “World of 7 billion”

Student Video Contest


 Image result for life cycle of a samsung TV

Industrial revolution: effects of Invention and innovation 

8th Grade

  • Finalize and turn in Global issue products (videos, digital books, models)


Week 19 December 5th 2016

An Hour of Code Week

Learn how to code


Why code?


Make up and Review Week

GA Power STEM Guest speaker for 6th and 7th grade

image009 image008

6th grade

  • Presentation:Nanotechnology (videos, flyers, PowerPoint, …)

7th grade

  • Reverse engineering complete and submit the consumer product pieces on the board by Tuesday 12/6/16.
  • Presentation will be on Thursday and Friday.

8th grade

  • Global issues—Continue working on 3D Model, create a Documentary, write a digital booklet, or Build a model.

Week 16 November 14, 2016

6th grade

Best You Tube channels about 3D printing

  • Submit a 3D Model designed using Solidworks: Criteria: the item can be used at home, school or in an office.
  • Review principles and elements of design for Thursday’s quiz
  • Global Issue: Plastic challenge

The STL File (Format for 3D Printing) – Explained in Simple Terms

7th grade

Great presentation T. Slaton:


  • Plastic product(s) commercial
  • Review types of plastics-quiz on Thursday.

8th grade

Great website: http://sixthgrademathbasics.weebly.com/ (by A. Scott)

Global issues










  • Websites presentation
  • Global issue:

Environmental issues


Recycle city


Project: Investigate a local waste issue for a school project

For instance, you can investigate Cobb County

Waste Disposal / Transfer Station


Week 14

October 31 to November 4

And the winner of our 3D-Contest is Adrian, C.

Cellphone stand

Cellphone stand

2nd place goes to Karrington, R. (iPhone case) and Aubrie, B. (Key holder)


  6th grade

  • Isometric and perspective sketches
  • Orthographic view
  • Lesson ONE: Parts-sketch, extrude, smart dimension 


7th grade

  • Presentation of the “Effect of plastics to our society”
  • Reusing plastics

8th grade

Communicating information effectively: Help Need Urgently (Create a website by selecting a prompt from the given menu)

Week 13 October 24 2016

6th grade

Communicating design ideas effectively

  • Principles and elements of design Pre test
  • Princples and elements of design around us (music)

  • Solidworks level 1:  http://www.solidworks.com/sw/resources/solidworks-tutorials.htm  (Lesson 1 and 2)

7th grade

  • Global issues: Plastic challenge
  • Impact of plastics to our society: Positive and negative impact  (Create a presentation–Instructions in Edmodo)

Plastic guide by National Georgraphic——-Video clip



8th grade

Math and Coding: Radius on EVERFI

  • Straight talk: AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile cellphone plan (notes and activity)