Week 9

October 2nd 2017

6th grade

  • Introduction to robotics: What are robots? What can they do? What can’t they do?…

7th grade

8th grade

  • Manufacturing and environment—Products and advertisement due by Thursday 10/5/17
  • Introduction of the Fundamentals of Coding 1 and 2 —Dr. Brown, professor at KSU.

Week 8

September 18th 2017

6th grade

  • Finalize on the useful object and submit the file in Edmodo.  You can submit more than one item.


7th grade

  1. Final presentation -Reverse engineering-Post your presentation in Edmodo.
  2. Introduction to Biotechnology and nanotechnology

8th grade

  • Manufacturing and environment
  • Building (process stage) and testing (output and feedback).
  • Post your design brief and presentation template in Edmodo

Week 7

September 11th 2017

6th grade: 3D design using SolidWorks

  • Design a useful object: can be used in an office, class, any part of your home, field…
  • Write a design brief: Why is the object useful- identify the need it will serve or problem it will solve.

7th grade: Reverse Engineering

  • Present your teams Reverse Engineered product

8th grade: Manufacturing and Environment

  • What is the environmental impact of manufacturing?
  • What is the economic impact of manufacturing?
  • What is the social impact of manufacturing?
  • Identify the MOST common manufacturing process for the following products: Cars, paper products, households like stove and microwave, food and clothes.
  • How do manufacturers keep up with their Inventory, Bills of Material (BOM), and work orders?


Type your answers on your presentation template in Edmodo.

Week 5

August 28th 2017

6th grade

  • Present your pathway in Engineering and Technology.

Career pathways high school: http://internet.savannah.chatham.k12.ga.us/schools/wts/cp/default.aspx

CTE Pathways (Savannah GA): https://vimeo.com/31386280

Engineering Tech CTE Pathway - Video Course Description

7th grade

  • Reverse Engineer a consumer product

RE a mechanical pencil

Reverse Engineering project

PLTW Reverse Engineering

8th grade

  • EV3 robot move forward, pick up a cup (3D designed and printed) of water, move forward, and place the cup down without pouring.
  • EV3 robot move forward and fish (3D designed and printed) then place it in a freezer container.
  • Record all the moves including mistakes, edit the video and turn it in Edmodo.

Building a claw

Grab and lift