Week 5

January 29, 2018

6th grade

Robotics 1: Parts of an EV3 Robot-video and activity

  • Programming an EV3 robot
  • The maze challenge -on level
  • The obstacle course-7th grade

7th grade

Future goals-Hockey-math edition

  • Vital Signs: Students investigate the effect of exercise on heart and breathing rate
  • Water Displacement: Students measure the volume of irregular solids in different ways.

8th grade

Radius-Math and Science

  • Cellphone plans
  • Measurement Uncertainty
  • Slope- Y=mx+b (application)

Week 4

January 22 2017

6th grade

  • Introduction to robotics
  • What are robots presentation
  • Make up – Safety Poster

7th grade

  • Inventor-invention poster
  • Future goals: Hockey (Lab: Muscle motion, Vitals)
  • Make up-Safety flyer

8th grade

  • Radius: Math and coding (Straight talk, Circuits)
  • Converting binary to decimal and vice versa.


Week 1 and 2 Semester 2

January 4th and 5th

6, 7 and 8th grade

Safety in the lab and online


CTAE-FS-7 Safety, Health and Environment:

  • Learners employ safety, health and environmental management systems in corporations and comprehend their importance to organizational performance and regulatory compliance.

CTAE-FS-9 Ethics and Legal Responsibilities:

  • Learners commit to work ethics, behavior, and legal responsibilities in the workplace.

Create a lab or online Safety

Read and summarize the 7 categories then:

  • Poster (6th Given one category from A-G),

  • Flyer (7th all categories A-G) 

  • Brochure (8th all categories A-G).

Wednesday 1/10/18

  1. DUE: Engineering safety rules contract 
  2. Take Engineering safety quiz -in Edmodo

Week 17

December 4-8 2017

Resources for test review are in the TEST page

Make up for all missing and incomplete assignments

8th grade

  • Futuristic tech: Model and documentary -Complete and turn in
  • Test review
  • Energy math

7th grade

  • Robotics 2: Treasure hunt and Fruit picker
  • Test review
  • Engineering and technology vocabulary

6th grade

  • Bridge companies contract: Complete building and turn in.
  • Test review
  • Engineering and technology career word search

Week 16

November 27th 2017

6TH Grade

  • Universal System Model Video and notes
  • Applying the USM: Building Bridges
  • Write a Bridge Design brief
  • Complete bridge budget worksheet
  • Build the bridge (refer to Engineering process)

7th grade

Plastic challenge part 2: How can we reduce plastic pollution?

8th grade

  • System failures




Week 14

November 6-10 

NO SCHOOL ON TUESDAY November 7th 2017 Election day

6th grade

  • Add an end effector (arm, craw, crane…) to the robot.
  • Program it to pick and drop

7th grade

  • Plastic challenge: Effect of using plastic to our body and the environment.
  • Resources:






What do that plastic that you throw away mean to your body? 



Plastic pollution doesn’t just make for an ugly beach day. It’s contaminating our food chain


8th grade

  • Presentation of websites turned in.
  • Redesign and resubmit.