Week 5

August 28th 2017

6th grade

  • Present your pathway in Engineering and Technology.

Career pathways high school: http://internet.savannah.chatham.k12.ga.us/schools/wts/cp/default.aspx

CTE Pathways (Savannah GA): https://vimeo.com/31386280

Engineering Tech CTE Pathway - Video Course Description

7th grade

  • Reverse Engineer a consumer product

RE a mechanical pencil

Reverse Engineering project

PLTW Reverse Engineering

8th grade

  • EV3 robot move forward, pick up a cup (3D designed and printed) of water, move forward, and place the cup down without pouring.
  • EV3 robot move forward and fish (3D designed and printed) then place it in a freezer container.
  • Record all the moves including mistakes, edit the video and turn it in Edmodo.

Building a claw

Grab and lift


Week 3

August 14th 2017

6th grade

  • Ignition: Digital literacy and responsibility
  • Pathway research

7th grade

3D design: Design a part (can be an invention or an innovation). Use Solidworks

8th grade

Robotics 3: Adaptation

Design, build, program a robot to:

  • Fish
  • pick up a bucket of water
  • pick up a cup of water

All props should be designed using Solidworks

Cup drop



Week 2

August 7th 2017

Get ready for Solar Eclipse

5 things to do now to prepare for the solar eclipse

Preparing for the August 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

6th grade

  • Lab safety discussion and quiz
  • EVER FI: Digital literacy and responsibility (IGNIITION)-7 Lessons

7th grade

  • Ignition: Digital literacy and responsibility
  • Introduction to Georgia BEST curriculum
  • Invention versus Innovation

ENGR-II-1: Students will learn the concept of invention and innovation.

  1. Define related invention and innovation terms
  2. Compare invention to innovation
  3. Examine the role that Engineering & Technology and society play in the invention and innovation process
  4. Identify an important past invention or innovation
  5. Research an artifact related to Engineering and Technology that is at least 25 years old
  • Research inventions in energy systems, electronics, manufacturing, and engineering
  • Student presentation of an inventor and an invention



8th grade

  • Ignition: Digital literacy and responsibility
  • Introduction to Georgia BEST curriculum

MSENGR-TS-1:  The students will develop an understanding of the Universal Systems Model.

1.Define Universal Systems Model

2.Identify the components of a system

3.Examine a variety of simple, common systems

  • Video: What is USM?
  • Diagramming a system
  • Analyze and critique the essential elements of a given system
  • Discuss relevant current events as related to the systems model

May 8-19, 2017

6th grade

  • Reusing versus Recycling
  • Building useful items from  “trash”


  • Plastic challenge: Using plastic to make useful object
  • Advertising your product

8th (Check out our design winner)

  • 3D-design a geometrical shape, sphere and useful object. 




Solid works basics