Test Reviews

Introduction to Eng and Tech Vocab-words list 1

2017-18 6.7.8 Syllabus


2016-17 Engineering and technology safety and behavior contract

Video to review:

You Tube:


What is STEM?

Be inspired to design and build:

Design Squad:


Roller coaster resources

How and when were roller coasters first invented?
What are the scientific principals behind roller coasters?
How can we use STEM principals to design a roller coaster?
WOW effect video to start you off
World’s Craziest Roller Coasters

 Background Knowledge

 Discovery Channel Engineering Thrills (6 parts)
Roller Coasters the Physics Behind the Fun
 Additional webquest


A swarm of nano quadcopters:



Robotics Videos and resources

Soft (safer) robots:

EV3 software free download:

Custom Robotics:

One Day GE Commercials:

Snake Robot:

The Box from Bot & Dolly (wild use projection mapping and industrial robots):

Behind the Scenes of Box from Bot & Dolly:

Episode 5:  Daily Life:

Episode 1:  Communication:

1,000 Swarming Robots – Harvard:

Unfolding Robot – Harvard:

Nanotechnology at Harvard:

Robotic solutions at Harvard:

Collective Behavior in Robots at Harvard (termite inspired):

National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics  (NCTM)
The little introduction to programming :
Code academy: Learn how to create website and more-----
Build your own game:
Tutorial for learning JAVA:
Create your own app:
Graphic design (any visuals):
An hour of code:
NASA for students 5-8:
LOCKHEED: Information technology:
 Miscellaneous STEAM Resources
Discovery education:
Neok12 (STEAM videos, games and quizzes):
Science buddies:
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