Test Reviews

Introduction to Eng and Tech Vocab-words list 1

2017-18 6.7.8 Syllabus


2016-17 Engineering and technology safety and behavior contract

Video to review:

You Tube:


What is STEM?

Be inspired to design and build:

Design Squad:


Roller coaster resources

How and when were roller coasters first invented?
What are the scientific principals behind roller coasters?
How can we use STEM principals to design a roller coaster?
WOW effect video to start you off
World’s Craziest Roller Coasters

 Background Knowledge

 Discovery Channel Engineering Thrills (6 parts)
Roller Coasters the Physics Behind the Fun
 Additional webquest


What is Engineering?

Engineering week:

Intel Journey Inside Computers

Why Study Engineering?

Falkirk Wheel, Central Scotland (canal lift):

Largest Dam in the World (Three Gorges, China):

Longest Suspension Bridge (Japan):

Future Earth Documentary:

A swarm of nano quadcopters:

Lexus commercial “Amazing in Motion” with quadcopter swarm:


“Coding Motion” How they programmed the Lexus commercial:

“Crafting Motion” How they made the Lexus commercial:

“Living Motion” How they made the Lexus commercial:


Honda “Cog” Rube Goldberg video:

Making “Cog”:

Target Rube Goldberg video:


Coke Rube Goldberg video:

Photography Rube Goldberg video:

Samsung Rube Goldberg:

Isaac Newton vs Rube Goldberg:

Filming of Newton vs. Rube:

Mini Marble Machines:


The Creator’s Project:

Transforming Urban Landscapes:

Bracelet Project:

Make it Wearable Episode 4: becoming superhuman:

Robotics Videos and resources

Soft (safer) robots:

EV3 software free download:

Custom Robotics:

One Day GE Commercials:

Snake Robot:

The Box from Bot & Dolly (wild use projection mapping and industrial robots):

Behind the Scenes of Box from Bot & Dolly:

Episode 5:  Daily Life:

Episode 1:  Communication:

1,000 Swarming Robots – Harvard:

Unfolding Robot – Harvard:

Nanotechnology at Harvard:

Robotic solutions at Harvard:

Collective Behavior in Robots at Harvard (termite inspired):

National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics  (NCTM)
The little introduction to programming :
Code academy: Learn how to create website and more-----
Build your own game:
Tutorial for learning JAVA:
Create your own app:
Graphic design (any visuals):
An hour of code:
NASA for students 5-8:
LOCKHEED: Information technology:
 Miscellaneous STEAM Resources
Discovery education:
Neok12 (STEAM videos, games and quizzes):
Science buddies:
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