Technological Systems

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Week 6

MSENGR-TS-3:  The students will develop an understanding of how humans interact with systems.

  •  Operate technological systems
  • Maintain technological systems
  • Constructing technological systems
  • Design technological systems


  1. Read an owner’s manual for a given system and outline the user-performed maintenance tasks
  2. Sketch a given system, label its parts, write technical directions used to operate device, and list outcomes of using device
  3. Design, construct, and test a simple system (i.e. electrical circuit, model rocket, bridge structure)

Week 5

MSENGR-TS-4:  The students will develop an understanding of how systems evolve from one stage to another.

  • Illustrate the evolution of a variety of technological systems
  • Analyze the reason for the evolution of technological systems
  • Investigate the cause of system failures
TASK: Examine the historical development of a technological artifact from its beginning to its current state (example, audio recording equipment, camera, telephone, T.V and so on)
  • Create a timeline (digital or print).
  • DAY 1: Decide on the artifact and research.
  • Day 2:  Research and begin creating a timeline of your artifact
  • Day 3 and 4: Continue working on your timeline



TEST 2 on Friday 9/5/14

Week 4

Project presentation

Test on Friday

Week 3

Engineering design and problem-solving process ( Instructions are posted in the homepage)

Creating account in EDMODO: Click on your class URL.






MSENGR-TS-2:The students will develop an understanding of how the design process is used to develop a technological system.

a)      Identify the steps of the design process

b)      Identify how systems are used in a variety of settings

c)      Illustrate how the systems model is utilized in the production of goods

d)     Construct and work with a variety of systems, including Engineering, Electronics, Manufacturing, and Energy

Week 2 August 11 2014

Mission Impossible

  • Read about Universal Systems Model (USM)
  • Diagram a given system using the Universal Systems Model
  • Analyze and critique the essential elements of a given system
  • Discuss relevant current events as related to the systems model

MSENGR-TS-1: The students will develop an understanding of the Universal Systems Model.

a)      Define Universal Systems Model

b)      Identify the components of a system

c)      Examine a variety of simple, common systems

Week 1 August 4th 2014

What is STEM? Students will build a model and use it to explore the connection between science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Lab safety: general and specific rules

Internet safety: Explore digital citizenship—Lesson located in the Blendspace  (  OR scan the code

Machine and tools safety: What do the signs pertaining to different tasks entails?

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