Plastic challenge videos

Coming up! 6th grade: How things will work in SPACE in 20-30 years WEBSITES

7th grader: The robotics unit

T. Jones and J. Hurtado.  Bean throwing scorpion.

Scorpion sem 2 2015-16


6th graders, Solid Work and 3D printing

Challenge: Invent or innovate a simple system that can be used at home or school.  Design using Solid Works.  Design has to be review and approved before it is printed.

6-1: Kierstin’s Simple Cubes–Will be used in a class made board game.



8th grade –  Robotics

Create a program that will demonstrate how students should run during PE obstacle course challenge.  The PE teacher have provided the cones.  Your job is to create the program and download it to your EV 3 robot.  Hint: Complete the basic robot by attaching all the  sensors that you might need first.

Obstacle course winners-Haley, Isabella, Jordyn and Guadalupe.

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