Jane Goodall’s Childhood Fascination Turned Into Her Career

Have you ever wondered if your childhood interest could be a potential career? Have you ever thought of how “your now” effects “your future?” Jane Goodall turned her interests into a passion and a career. Students read accounts of how Jane Goodall made her dreams of studying chimps become a reality. Students read the article and used their note taking skills to analyze it for facts to aid in a deeper comprehension. The article is attached below.

newsela jane goodall

Homework Changes

I am slightly changing homework this week. Some students are going to class outs, so they may have homework from other classes. It will be in their agendas if they are assigned homework from the other class. I am requiring all my students to read 30 minutes or 20 pages in a book five times per week. Reading is one of the most important skills in life. It is part of our everyday. I have attached a reading log that must be signed and returned every Monday. The students only have to read five days. The other days are extra credit, which will be applied to their vocabulary quiz grades.

We are starting a new unit in ELA titles, “The Future is Now.” This unit focuses on students making smart and appropriate decisions to create a great future for their lives. Students will be studying the difference between careers and jobs, Martin Luther King’s Blueprint speech, and starting their own independent book clubs. This means that each student will be reading a book specifically designed for him. This specialized instruction will allow the students to get more instruction on their level and raise their reading and comprehension scores.

Students will have selected vocabulary words from class and words from their independent books. These words will be approved by myself or Ms. Rooks to ensure that they are appropriate for your child’s learning. The new words will be sent home every Tuesday with the vocabulary words test on the following Monday. Students will be doing different tasks using vocabulary words as part of their homework. They will have the entire week to compete the homework.

Students will also have science and social studies work depending upon the night. The students will always receive a study guide at least two days before the test is given. I will also send out email/text reminders to ensure that your child gets the best education. The worksheets/tasks will also be uploaded onto my blog on the Griffin staff website.

I am excited about the growth that is going to happen as a result of our combined efforts. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Stephanie Walters

I have attached all the printouts that were sent home with your child.

Vocabulary Choice Board-walters  This choice board applies to the rest of August.

Reading log-summary Students only have to read five of the seven days. If they read all seven, then they will receive extra credit.


Can you believe it is already the third week of school? Time flies when you’re having fun! We’re having lots of fun here at Griffin. We will have lots of fun this week too. We are starting a new unit in ELA. It will be a mesh of the different grade levels with the key phrase being “The Future is Now.” We are starting to become more aware of how our choices that we make today affect us the rest of our lives. This week, we will be discussing the difference between a job and career. Students are asked to pick three careers that they are interested in for their lives. We will be continuing this unit for the next few weeks.

In science, we are investigating the process of experimenting. We will be studying lab safety and complete our first experiment this week!!! Will we be creating physical or chemical changes? What is matter and why does it matter?

In Social Studies, we are continuing our studies on Africa and Georgia. We are also starting to go on more virtual field trips and places to explore the world around us. Do you know the number of waterfalls in Georgia? Do you know who lived in Georgia before we began living here? 7th graders are beginning to start to study Africa more in depth and learn about their traditions and cultures. Its such a contrast to our lives here in the United States of America! I’m glad to be an American!

In math, we are factoring, exploring integers, and determining the angles of triangles. Lots of fun going on in the math world!

I hope to see everyone at Open House this week! I know that I am excited to see all my Wildcats!

Week 2 Social Studies- Georgia and Africa Studies

8th graders went on virtual field trips to experience the different regions of Georgia. They were able to see videos of driving through downtown Atlanta, Jekyll Island, Brasstown Bald, and the Okefenokee Swamp. Kids are completing a sheet to show their comprehension and understanding of major landmarks and regions of Georgia.

This is the link for the field trip http://edtech2.boisestate.edu/nathanbateman/502/vtrltrip/start.html.

7th grades are starting to explore geography and Africa. Can you name the largest desert in Africa? What is the largest lake in Africa? Zapond can help you find the answer to your question!

Great job Wildcats!

Great first week!!

We had a great first week at Griffin Middle School! We did many great things including our first science experiment. The experiment allowed the students to use  paper tanagrams to create a square. The students were able to do the first part themselves, but experienced some trouble after given the “missing” piece.

IMG_7419   IMG_7425

The students were listening as instructions were given about how to complete the experiment.

IMG_7423 IMG_7422 IMG_7421 IMG_7420

Team work is essential at Griffin!


The students completed the experiment and created the square!!

Great job Griffin Wildcats completing the experiment! I look forward to many more great experiments and experiences at Griffin this year!

Griffin Foundation

I am thrilled that we work with the Griffin Foundation to enrich our school. Below is information regarding the Griffin Foundation. Please help sponsor our school through the Griffin Foundation.


The Griffin Foundation is a non-profit organization formed for the sole purpose of raising funds beyond those currently provided by the Cobb County School District to fund elements of education such as technology enhancements, supplemental enriched curriculum, student services, additional faculty and capital improvements.


  • Over $20,000 in Teacher Grants
  • Repainting/refurbishing of the theater
  • Printers for all of the computer labs
  • Headphones for all computers
  • New picnic tables for the Memorial Garden
  • Created an annual Legacy Award for two students who have achieved personal growth through perseverance


  • Our long-term goal is to raise enough money to fund an additional Connections teacher
  • Annual Teacher Grant program


  • Capital Campaign (Fall)
  • Haunted House (October)
  • Student Lock – In (Spring)


  • Donate to the campaign
  • Volunteer to help with any of our events
  • Contact Robb Stanek @ robbstanek@hotmail.com for more information

Great day for the Wildcats!

We had an awesome first day at Griffin Middle School! The renovations look excellent both inside and outside of our school. Today, we went on a scavenger hunt around Griffin Middle School. We explored several major aspects of the school including the cafeteria, media center, art room, and gym. We enjoyed going to two different connections including Physical Education and Art. We raced solving addition problems verses our fellow classmates. The students were able to earn tokens for good behavior, meeting and expectations. We had a Marvelous Monday! I can’t wait for tomorrow!