Welcome Back!

Students are back from Thanksgiving Break! Students were able to share tales of what they did over the break. There were many exciting events that the students experienced during the break. It is great to be back in school. This week is going to be a very productive week and students will be experiencing great things.

Students in 6th grade will be learning about the different parts of soil. They will also be learning about World War 1. They should be able to describe key people in addition to important people from the war.

Students in 8th grade are learning to use the distributive property, solve equations with variables, and key concepts in algebra. They are also reading different passages on their level. Students have started using their independent levels to read passages.

We introduce Velveteen to the world!

Mrs. Walters and Ms. Rooks’ class has adopted a new class pet. She is a rabbit named Velveteen. She has been read to during ELA, helped solve math problems during math, and enjoyed playing with the students during break time. The students have learned the responsibility of taking care of your belongings along with a pet. We are excited to have her in our class!

Tre held Velveteen during his break time.

Tre held Velveteen during his break time.

Mrs. Walters and Ms. Rooks picked up Velveteen on Monday.

Mrs. Walters and Ms. Rooks picked up Velveteen on Monday.


Rashid was the first to hold Velveteen in the classroom. He held her on the beanbags.


Romeo is a great helper with Velveteen. He also reads to her, so she won’t get lonely 🙂


Sheon was able to hold the rabbit during his break time.


The First Thanksgiving :)

Do you know the difference between the facts and myths surrounding this holiday? Students are learning the difference and discovering the true facts surrounding the holiday. Students are taking a virtual field trip to explore and look around the Pilgrim village, Wamponag tribe, and the New England area. Scholastic presents many videos and links for students to read 🙂 You can explore the village now by clicking here –> First Thanksgiving

8th grade exponents

Students have been learning the different rules and laws of exponents. The chart listed below sums up all the laws into one small location. This link has the same chart in addition to some practice problems Review of Law of Exponents. Students are encouraged to click it to practice 🙂

Exponents Laws