Terrific Thursday

Social Studies: Students reviewed map skills vocabulary. All the students worked on their new countries. 6th grade is now studying Latin America and the Caribbean. 7th grade is studying Africa. Students identified important aspects of each new country on their own political map. Students also identified the places on the class’s map on the wall.

Math: Students worked on their independent levels on IXL.com. Students worked in groups with the teachers on grade level standards. The growth due to individual standards is amazing!

Science: Students learned about earth and life sciences. 6th grade and 7th grade is learning the different parts of the scientific process.

ELA: Students were taught based their independent levels. Students read their assigned books based upon their independent reading levels. Students were introduced the concept of reading between the lines to determine the meaning of words. Students should read independently every night to enhance their reading ability. Students also worked on their independent level on MobyMax.

Homework: Students should work on IXL and independent reading.