Review for Georgia Milestone Assessment

Milestone Review for 7th Grade Advanced Math
We are only two weeks away from Spring Break which means we are only four weeks away from the Georgia Milestone Assessment! The test will begin the week of April 16th for 7th grade. It is imperative that the next few weeks are used to focus on review and mastery of the standards leading up to the test. To ensure we review ALL material students will be required to complete at-home review on top of the review we will be doing in the classroom.

Students are going to be required to complete the 7th grade IXL standards before the Milestone Assessment. Any standards not completed at school will be required to be finished either at home or during morning tutoring. I will be at school every morning at 8am for students who would like to work on the assignments. Below is the schedule and due dates for IXL:

IXL Login:

IXL Standard and Due Dates
B.1 – B.6:     3/23/2018
C.1 – C.9:     3/26/2018
H.1 – H.9:    3/28/2018
J.1 – J.12:     3/30/2018
L.1 – L.10:    4/2/2018
M.1 – M.6:   4/8/2018
R.1 – R.16:  4/11/2018
S.6 – S.8:     4/15/2018

Below are some additional resources that can be used at home to prepare for the Georgia Milestone:
Georgia Milestone Practice Test
Griffin Math Resource Page

Schedule for the Week of 2/12

Here is the schedule for the week:


Monday-Tuesday: We will look at finding the area of composite shapes and shaded areas with circles

Wednesday_Thursday: We will continue the Geometry Unit by focusing on volume and surface area of 3D shapes

Friday: Quiz over area of shaded regions and surface area/volume of 3D shapes



Monday: We will start our brand new unit- Function Relationships. We will start by looking at key vocabulary and defining “what is a function?”

Tuesday: We will take a deeper look into functions by exploring domain and range and how they play a role in functions

Wednesday-Thursday: We will look at function notation and how to solve them

Friday: Quiz over function relationships

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone had a nice snow day (week)!

Here is the schedule for the week:


Monday: Review of classifying triangles by their angles and side lengths

Tuesday: Triangle Inequality Lab- we will explore triangle side lengths and determine the rule for triangles

Wednesday-Thursday: We will explore Triangle angles and use equation to find missing angles

Friday: Quiz over classifying triangles, triangle inequality, and finding missing angles



Monday: We will continue to explore the Pythagorean Theorem using real-world application

Tuesday-Thursday: We will explore the Scientific Notation and operations using Scientific Notation

Friday: Quiz over Pythagorean Theorem and Scientific Notation

Schedule for the week of 1/9/2018

Happy New Year! Let’s have a great start to the New Year and the new 9 weeks!


Here is the schedule for week….


Tuesday: We will finish our mini project in class HOLIDAY SHOPPING, where we find the best deal on holiday shopping items by looking at percent discounts for various stores

Wednesday-Thursday: We will start our NEW unit Geometry by looking at angle relationships

Friday: We will have a quiz over angle relationships!



Tuesday: We will continue to explore parallel lines cut by a transversal and work to find missing angles using equations

Wednesday: We will finish the Transformations unit by looking at Exterior Angle Theorem and finding missing angles in triangles and transversals

Thursday: We will start our NEW- Exponents by looking at square roots and cube roots and using them to solve equations

Friday: Quiz over square roots and cube roots and using them in equations

Schedule for the week


Here is the schedule for the week of December 4th….


Monday: We will continue our ratio and proportion unit by completing the real world example of “Orange Fizz” to see how proportions are used in the real world.

Tuesday: MI Test

Wednesday-Thursday: We will look at how ratios and proportions are used in charts and graphs

Friday: Quiz over proportions using graphs


Monday: We will start our new unit. This is the first Unit of 8th grade math: Transformations. We will begin by exploring translations. Please get graph paper for the remainder of the year.

Tuesday: MI Test

Wednesday-Thursday: We will continue our transformations unit by looking at rotations, reflections and dilations

Friday: Quiz over transformations



Welcome Back!

I hope everyone had a good break!

Here is the schedule for the week….


We will be starting a new unit: Ratios and Proportions. This week will be exploring ratios, proportions, and unit rate…

We will have a quiz Friday over ratio and proportion word problems



We will be starting the FINAL 7th grade unit: Probability. We will be looking at experimental and theoretical probability. We will be moving quickly with this unit so we can spend time on 8th grade standards!

We will have a quiz Friday over theoretical and experimental probability