US History outline notes for power point lectures

Exploration – Dec. of Indp

EXPLORATION – taxes print notes

French and Indian War notes outline


American Revolution outline

Revolution begins – Washington’s new govt outline

New Nation

Jeffersonian Democracy outline (2)

New Nation – foreign policy outline

NEW NATION outline (2)

War of 1812 outline

Washington’s new nation – Jefferson outline

Jackson – Manifest Destiny

Industry and Transportation outline

manifest destiny outiline

politics reform women outline notes

The Jackson Years – religion and reform outline

Civil War – Reconstruction

Civil War outline notes

Dividing a nation outline

Reconstruction outline notes

War Breaks Out outline

Industry – West

gilded age outline

politics reform women outline notes (2)

the west – politics

Imperialism – populism – progressives

exapansion of industry outline

gilded age outline (2) Imperialism outline

Populism – Progressive Presidents outline


1920 outline

WWI outline notes

Causes of WWII

notes causes of wwii outline

causes wwii outline (2)

Great Depression outline notes (2)

The Great Depression outline WWII outline notes

Cold War – 1960’s

cold war outline

Kennedy Johnson outline

nixon outline

1970’s – Modern Era

Modern America – present day america outline notes

nixon – 1970’s outline

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