week of 10/5-9/15


Monday 10/5:  News Update , discuss Oregon shooting

Tuesday 10/6:  Lab day – finish your presentations etc., CNN student tba

Wednesday 10/7:  Presentation Day – Technology

Thursday 10/8:  Presentation Day – Technology

Friday 10/9:  Simpsons, CNN student, Intro next presentation topic

** no vocab or topic quiz this unit.  Break kinda messed us up so we are just going to move on for now.



Monday 10/5:  Notes, Preview Test – Civil War – Reconstruction, Horace Greely Essay

Tuesday 10/6:  Finish Civil War notes and start Reconstruction, Political Cartoons of Reconstruction

Wednesday 10/7: Notes, Finish Reconstruction, Review Day:  go over people chart, vocab quiz, study guide, preview test

Thursday 10/8:  TEST – Civil War – Reconstruction, Vocab:  West – Industry & Immigration

Friday 10/9:  Notes, West-I&I people chart.  Horace Greely Letter essay due

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