Week of 10/12 – 16/15


Next topic:  Paranormal (never done before, should be really cool and fun!)

Monday:  News Update Day

Tuesday:  Lab Day – Paranormal vocabulary – topic starter activity

Wednesday:  Paranormal notes, Famous hauntings, video

Thursday:  Lab Day – Democrat Candiate research, paranormal actv.

Friday:  Simpsons – Tree house of horror, CNN student.



Next Dates to know:  MIDTERM EXAM ( 10/22) – MT will replace your lowest test score.  This can only help you.  This is a good opportunity to rebound or build in some “insurance”.  Take it serious


Monday:  Civil War test fix, Notes, finish Glory, people chart

Tuesday: notes, Jim Crowe law actv.  Presidents video (Johnson – Hayes),

Wednesday:  Ind-West visual Vocab, notes

Thursday: Industry – West Vocab Quiz, notes, Political cartoon, Opening the West map

Friday: notes, America Story of Us, Carnegie Article, Guidled Age Chart

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