week of 11/16-20/15 & week of 11/30 – 12/4/15


Notes to wrap up the semester, each student has been provided with a fill in the blank outline.

Monday:  Cold War – Cold War conflict

Tuesday:  Kennedy – Johnson – Civil Rights

Wednesday:  Nixon – 1970’s

Thursday:  Modern America – Present Day America

Friday:  full on Review

EOC review Dates:  Location is room 9122, time:  is 7:30 a.m. – Only time I’m available to do them

Dec. 1 – standards 1-5

Dec. 2 – standards 6-10

Dec. 3 – standards 11-15

Dec. 4 – standards 16-20

Dec. 7 – standards 21-25


EOC is December 7-8, 80 questions total, 1-40 on 12/7, 41-80 12/8

Study guides were given out on November 5th.  You can find on the blog as well


video of review notes:


Charity presentations 12/2

information and rubric concerning the Final Presentation will come after we complete the Charity topic.


Vocab Quiz:  11/19

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving food day 11/18 – everyone has been assigned items to bring

week of 11/9 – 13/15


This week we began to review and prepare for the EOC on Dec. 7&8.  Reminder, the EOC is 20% of your TOTAL grade.  This class is also required for GRADUATION, so you will want to do well and prepare.  Here is the link to usatestprep.  Please use this as a tool to help you prepare!!!!



Upcoming:  Essay due 11/11,  Vocab Quiz 11/13, Unit Test (WWI-WWII) 11/19

here are the notes for this unit:

The Great War

The 1920’s

The Great Depression

The New Deal

Causes of WWII

World War II



Starting a new project topic:  Charitable Organizations due 12/2

rubric this week

upcoming:  11/17 Charity Vocab Quiz,  11/18 Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving – remember your items, 12/2 Presentations