Week of 1/25/16


Next Test is Feb. 4 on New Nation.

Next Voc. Quiz is Jan. 28 on New Nation

We have started a new unit.  this unit is NEW NATION

1/25:  People Chart, Forming a New Nation

1/26:  Government Model packet, Washington’s new govt.

1/27:  visual vocab, New Nation Foreign Policy

1/28:  Vocab Quiz, turn in Govt. packet,  Jefferson

1/29:  Kahoot, Map skills, Jefferson , War of 1812


Note power points for this unit:

Forming a New Nation

Washington’s New Government

New Nation

Jeffersonian Democracy

War of 1812



we have just started a new topic:  CONSPIRACY THEORIES

  • we will be looking at more recent topics that can be considered Current Issues.

1/25:  News Updates

1/26:  Conspiracy notes & vocab

1/27:  Presidential candidates lab, group organization, Conspiracy II notes

1/28:  Gun control set up for discussion, group actv. for Conspiracy

1/29:  Simpsons, CNN student


dates tba asap!

United States History / Current Issues week of 1/11/16


We have had to make a few adjustments on our plan.  We will test on Wednesday after we return to school next week.  We will in fact have a vocab quiz on colonization – revolution on Thursday of this week.

below are the power point notes:



Colonial Life in America

French and Indian War

American Revolution

American Revolution in the south


We are currently in the beginning stages of the topic of Genocide.  We will be also build up information to have a discussion on Gun Control.  See calendar for dates.

Presentation topics:  Conspiracy Theories, Sports, Genocide, The Paranormal, TBA

Debate topics:  Foreign Policy, Abortion, Gun Control, Feminism/Women’s issues