Week of 1/25/16


Next Test is Feb. 4 on New Nation.

Next Voc. Quiz is Jan. 28 on New Nation

We have started a new unit.  this unit is NEW NATION

1/25:  People Chart, Forming a New Nation

1/26:  Government Model packet, Washington’s new govt.

1/27:  visual vocab, New Nation Foreign Policy

1/28:  Vocab Quiz, turn in Govt. packet,  Jefferson

1/29:  Kahoot, Map skills, Jefferson , War of 1812


Note power points for this unit:

Forming a New Nation

Washington’s New Government

New Nation

Jeffersonian Democracy

War of 1812



we have just started a new topic:  CONSPIRACY THEORIES

  • we will be looking at more recent topics that can be considered Current Issues.

1/25:  News Updates

1/26:  Conspiracy notes & vocab

1/27:  Presidential candidates lab, group organization, Conspiracy II notes

1/28:  Gun control set up for discussion, group actv. for Conspiracy

1/29:  Simpsons, CNN student


dates tba asap!

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