week of 2/22/16


Vocab Quiz is Tuesday!!!! (this is make up from the Friday before the break)  Jackson – Manifest Destiny Unit test is Thursday.

IMG_1492Jackson – Manifest Destiny Test

  • * study Notes, Study Guide, and Preview Test
  • *  Notes are finished.  We will review both Tuesday and Wednesday this week.
  • *  2nd pd. has a reward day coming up on Friday due to making a class average of 80% on the last unit test.



Lab Days for usa test prep are 3/3 and 3/7

2/22:  Finish manifest destiny notes, preview test, section review

2/23:  review actv., presidents video, review questions

2/24:  review day, preview test, study guide, America Story of Us????tba

2/25:  Test – Jackson – Manifest Destiny, civil war – reconstruction vocab.

2/26:  Notes, people chart


Notes for the upcoming unit

Heading towards Division

War Breaks Out

Civil War outline


The End of Reconstruction



starting a new unit this week.

2/22:  news update

2/23:  lab – gun control issues

2/24:  start new and unveil the new topic actv.

2/25:  lab if neededed / debate

2/26:  may move gun debate to this day, tba

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