week of 4/25/16


EOC informationEnd of Coarse Test is May 12 & 13.   EOC is 20% of your TOTAL average!!!!!

  • EOC study guide was handed out 4/25 in class.  Study Guide includes questions per standard, broken down by standard as well as a copy of ALL the standards as well.
  • usatestprep has been going on ALL semester long.  You may, and should, continue to use this as a resource to help you prepare and practice.
  • EOC “notecard” notes.  Are done the last 10 minutes of class 3x a week.  (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)  The last 10-15 minutes of class.
  • EOC practice questions.  Starting this week we will also be doing review questions taken from the “Passing the Georgia U.S. History End of Course Test” book.  We will answer and then discuss the questions.  You will keep the copies.
  • I have set aside every WEDNESDAY until the test for review and or Q&A.  7:30 a.m. in room 9122.
  • We will do 2 Practice EOC’s (May 6, and May 10).
  • Video of the EOC power point was posted last week. (scroll down to see it)

week of 4/11


4/12 Tuesday:  We are taking a Mid Term.  The MT can replace your lowest test score.  This is primarily used to see where you are as far as retaining information.  This score will also be used for recommendations for extra review etc. in preparation for the EOC.

4/13 Wednesday:  Notes WWI, America Story of Us, Kahoot

4/14 Thursday:  Notes WWI, lab – usatestprep

4/15 Friday:  Notes 1920’s, people chart


Next Test is 4/28:  WWI – WWII



Sports presentations 4/27 – remember you MUST have contact and contact info about your sports career / occupation.

Lab days:  4/12, 4/14

4/11:  News day

4/12:  lab / concussions

4/13:  concussions and technology discussion

4/14:  Lab / politics

4/15:  CNN student , Simpsons