Week of August 1st / 1st week of Fall ’16

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Welcome to Fall Semester of 2016 to Harrison High School and U.S. History.  Below this intro you will see a link for the syllabus for this semester.  There will not be a paper copy.  This is your source for the syllabus and information.  Each item will be discussed and gone through on the 1st day of school.  You are responsible for the content of this syllabus just like the student handbook etc.


US history syllabus 115-16  (this is the same for 2016-17 – I just need to rename it)

This week:

We will start lecture day 1.  Each student will be provided with an outline of fill-in-the blank notes that match the power points.

We will also do what we can as far as activities until we receive our text books.  Computer lab and videos will be involved.

below are the power points for the 1st Unit of Colonization – Revolution

EXPLORATION – taxes print notes


Colonial Life in America

French and Indian War

Revolution begins – Washington’s new govt outline

American Revolution outline

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