Week of 9/13/16 US History

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Items to study for test:

Notes:  should be your guide to what is on the test and the range of information.

  • Mrs. Dickmann has created a quizlet for review:  http://www.cobblearning.net/kellydickmann/
  • Study Guide:  handed out the day of the last test.  Notes is best resource – check the study guide section on the left.
  • Map:  LA Purchase
  • Political Cartoons:  Jefferson & Constitution Pillars
  • Govt. Model Packet:  There will be some basic government structure questions.
  • People Chart:  people matching section
  • Review Test:  going over the answers on Monday as part of “review day” – check the preview test section of the blog on the left.

We have already started the next unit:  Jackson – Manifest Destiny

Monday:  Review Day

Tuesday:  Test Day – Jack-MD People Chart – Jack-MD Study Guide

Wednesday: Jackson Cartoon  /  Jackson outline

Thursday:  Religion and Reform (social movements) – EOC review if we can fit it in

Friday:  Kahoot

SSUSH7 Students will explain the process of economic growth, its regional and national impact in the first half of the 19th century, and the different responses to it.

SSUSH8 The student will explain the relationship between growing north-south divisions and westward expansion.



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