US History: Week of 10/3-7


Upcoming important dates:  Jackson – Manifest Destiny Preview Test 10/3  –  Jackson – Manifest Destiny Vocab Quiz 10/4 – usatestprep 10/4 – Jackson – Manifest Destiny Unit Test 10/6

Monday:  Notes:  finish Heading towards Division / Preview test

  • WU 1 (new “check”)  pg. 326 – Van Buren as Free Soiler Candidate
  • Preview Test – in class
  • Class / Home work:  pg. 356 #1-8, #10-15
  • (click the link for the quizlet for the vocab quiz)

Tuesday:  Jackson – Manifest Destiny vocab Quiz / usatestprep

  • Jack-MD vocab Quiz
  • usatestprep – check your home page at the bottom for the assignments.  You have until Friday to complete them.

Wednesday:  Notes:  War Breaks out (start of new unit) / Review Day (people chart, study guide, answers to preview test)

  • WU2 college/sports logos from the screen
  • Review

Thursday:  Jackson – Manifest Destiny Test / Civil War – Reconstruction Vocab

  • NO WU
  • New outline note packet given out (STUDY GUIDE INCLUDED)

Friday:  Notes:  War Breaks out  /  Civil War – Reconstruction People Chart

SSUSH9 The student will identify key events, issues, and individuals relating to the causes, course, and consequences of the Civil War.


Civil War – Reconstruction Notes:









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