United States History: week of 10/31



Important Dates:  Friday 11/4 Mid Term Exam

  • will / can replace your LOWEST test score
  • results will be posted in Synergy / weighted as ZERO
  • will hold the score until end of semester once all tests are completed
  • this score will be used to help determine who will/ may need extra help in prepping for the EOC

Monday:  Notes- West – Industry / Haunted History of Halloween

Tuesday: Notes – West / Men Who Built America – Rockefeller / Imperialism – Progressive Vocab

Wednesday:  Notes- Populism / Men Who Built America – Carnegie / Mid Term Study Guide Q&A / Political Cartoon

Thursday:  Notes – Populism / Men Who Built America – Morgan / Mid Term Study Guide Q&A / People Chart

Friday:  Mid Term Exam

SSUSH11 The student will describe the economic, social, and geographic impact of the growth of big business and technological innovations after Reconstruction.

SSUSH12 The student will analyze important consequences of American industrial growth.

SSUSH13 The student will identify major efforts to reform American society and politics in the Progressive Era.







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