Thanksgiving Break Week – US History End of the Semester Information


Enjoy your break.  Happy Thanksgiving to all.  Things get crazy when we come back.  Crunch Time is upon us

Important Dates after the break:

Dec. 2 1960’s Vocab Quiz

Dec. 8 Cold War – 1960’s Test

Dec. 12-13 EOC – 20% of your total grade (this IS your “final”)

Dec. 19  Modern Era Essay Due

Dec. 20 & 21  Modern America Test (Nixon – Present Day) – this is a UNIT Test during “exam” days

Below is EOC / End of Semester information

EOC Study Guideeoct-study-guide

End of Semester Pacing Guideus-history-end-of-semester-pacingf16

EOC quizlet:    (copy and paste this into your browser)

EOC review will begin MONDAY NOV. 28

  • room 9122
  • 7:45 am – 8:10 am
  • covering 4 standards each day – see pacing guide for specific dates and standards covered for each session.
  • we will have in class “standards quizzes” that are review for the EOC.

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