Week of 1/30/17: US History

Important Dates

1/31:  New Nation Vocab Quiz

2/2:  New Nation Unit Test

Mon: WUcheck 2 – WU1 – New Nation 2 review ?’s  / Notes:  War of 1812 / Preview Test / pg. 160 (6-13)

Tues:  New Nation Vocab Quiz /  Notes – finish anything needed / Jefferson Cartoon / Go over people chart / LA purchase map

Wed:  WU2  / America Story of Us / go over preview test / go over study guide / Q&A / Notes TBA

Thurs:  NEW NATION TEST / Jackson – Manifest Destiny Vocab

Fri:  WU3  / Notes:  Industry and Technology / Jackson – Manifest Destiny People Chart


SSUSH7 Students will explain the process of economic growth, its regional and national impact in the first half of the 19th century, and the different responses to it.

SSUSH8 The student will explain the relationship between growing north-south divisions and westward expansion.

Colonization – Revolution

Sarah Wright – 90

Week of 1/23/17: US History

Test from Friday will be ready by Wednesday of this week

we still need to finish the Revolution Notes

Mon:  Notes – Revolution / New Nation People Chart / Review Questions

  • new notes packet and study guide

Tues:  Notes – Forming a New Nation /  Founding father essay  / Review Questions

Wed: Notes – Washington’s New Govt. / Map work /section review / Review Question

Thrs:  Notes – New Nation Foreign Policy     / Lab:  Constitution

Fri:  Notes –   New Nation Foreign Policy   / Presidents video – Washington – Jefferson /


unit notes:

New Nation-2g1oj5m

Forming a New Nation-vwv7z4

Jeffersonian Democracy-2jjykan

Washington’s New Government-1eipu1m

War of 1812-19f1jjm

Week of 1/9/17: United States History

Unit Test is next Friday 1/20:  Colonization – Revolution

Monday:  No School

Tuesday:  No School

Wednesday:  Notes:  Colonization & Colonial Life / America Story of Us / Vocab List

Thursday:  Notes:  Colonial Life / Vocab – due today

Friday:  Notes:  French and Indian War / Salem Witch Trials Video

  • reminder that power points were posted with the 1st week of the unit, so scroll down to the past post to see what you need.
  • due to weather issues we are doubling up on notes for Wednesday and Thursday

Week of 1/5/17: United States History


Week 1 of Spring 2017

First week is introduction and acclimation

syllabus:  syllabus-16-17

Monday:  No school

Tuesday:  No school

Wednesday:  No school

Thursday:  Syllabus / Introductions / Pacing guide for the semester (each student will have a copy) / blog information and what to use / Notes:  Exploration / Pre test / Placement Forms

Friday:  WU1 / Notes:  Exploration, Colonization / Political Cartoon activity / Colony map

Have not received information on when books will be distributed at the present time.

BOOKS are YOUR responsibility, not mine, I am NOT your locker.  You will need them nearly every day in some fashion.


SSUSH1 The student will describe European settlement in North America during the 17th century.

SSUSH2 The student will trace the ways that the economy and society of British North America developed.