Week of 3/20: United States History

Important Dates:

West – Industry Vocab Quiz:  3/24

Essay:  3/28 (will give out this week)

Midterm:  3/30

Monday:  No WU / Notes:  West / Finish “Men Who Built America”

Tuesday: WU / Notes:  West / Section Review

Wednesday:  WU / Notes: West (if needed) / Reservation Map

Thursday: WU / Midterm Preview Test / Midterm Review

Friday:  Vocab Quiz / Midterm Review / America Story of US – Westward


SSUSH11 The student will describe the economic, social, and geographic impact of the growth of big business and technological innovations after Reconstruction.

SSUSH12 The student will analyze important consequences of American industrial growth.

SSUSH13 The student will identify major efforts to reform American society and politics in the Progressive Era.


week of 3/13 United States History

Important Dates

usatestprep:  3/17

vocab quiz: 3/24

Midterm 3/30

Essay due:  3/28

Monday:  WU / Notes:  Immigration – Political Bosses / Men Who Built America / People Chart

Tuesday:  WU / Notes:  Gilded Age Politics / Innovations & Inventions Chart

Wednesday:  WU / Notes: Gilded Age / Men Who Built America / Carnegie Articles

Thursday:  WU / Notes:  Expansion of Industry / Men Who Built America / Section Review

Friday:  WU / Notes:  Expansion of Industry / Lab – usatestprep

Unit Notes:

Politics, Immigration, Women’s Reform-1bfqaij

The Gilded Age-wtb2p8

Expansion of Industry-2g1c4a4

The West-thjexx