Week of April 24th – United States History

Upcoming Important Dates

WWI-2 Vocab Quiz 4/28

WWI-2 Unit Test 5/4

Lab day 4/25

EOC information:

  • EOC is 20% of your TOTAL average/grade
  • test is May 15th & 16th
  • Study Guide was given out in class on 4/20
  • Study Guide is also included on blog (left tab side)
  • Pacing guide was also given out to students / scroll back to previous weeks to view the calendar posted on this blog
  • Mrs. Dickmann’s blog has been updated with Quizlets for the upcoming tests and vocab quizzes – and EOC Quizlet

this week

Monday: WU / notes:  America in WW2 / visual vocab (selected 24 words)

Tuesday: WU / notes:  Kennedy&Johnson  / lab- usatestprep for EOC practice

Wednesday: WU / Notes:  Cold War / America Story of Us / Section Review

Thursday: WU / Notes:  Cold War Conflicts / Letters home from Vietnam – video

Friday: 10 min. review time / Vocab Quiz / Notes:  Cold War Conflicts / tba


cold war-1o4d7jy

Cold War Conflicts-uglbwx Cold War Conflicts-uglbyb

Kennedy and Johnson-1e5hmcf



week of 4/17/17: United States History

Important Dates:

April 28th Vocab Quiz

May 4th:  Unit Test (WWI-WWII)

end of semester calendar

Monday:  Notes / Preview Test / Review

Tuesday:  Q&A / Test (Imperialism – Progressives) / Depression – WW2 Vocab

Wednesday:  Notes / Depression notes chart

Thursday:  Notes / Causes of WW2

Friday: Notes /  People Chart / Battle 360 video


SSUSH17 The student will analyze the causes and consequences of the Great Depression.

SSUSH18 The student will describe Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal as a response to the depression and compare the ways governmental programs aided those in need.

SSUSH19 The student will identify the origins, major developments, and the domestic impact of World War II, especially the growth of the federal government.



The Great War-1gonyea

The 1920’s-1znmbf2

The Great Depression-12f1fec

The New Deal-1l0yvqf

Causes of WWII (2)-26xwvzn

World War II-11xhtdt

america during wwii-29e5tn9



Week of 4/10: United States History

Welcome back from a well deserved break.  Hope you enjoyed your time off.  Now its time to get back to work.  EOC will be here before you know it.  30 school days and its OVER!!!!

Important Dates

Vocab Quiz: 4/12

Unit Test: 4/18

Pacing Guide for the rest of the semester:  students given hard copy as well

Monday: WU / Notes:  Imperialism / Visual Vocab / finish movie

Tuesday:  WU / Notes:  Square Deal-Roosevelt / Progressives Chart

Wednesday:  WU / Notes:   Progressive Presidents / Vocab Quiz / section review Pg. 538 6-12, 14, 16, 19

Thursday:  WU / Notes:  Great War / Great war notes chart

Friday: Preview Test / Notes:  Great war / Lab


SSUSH13 The student will identify major efforts to reform American society and politics in the Progressive Era.

SSUSH14 The student will explain America’s evolving relationship with the world at the turn of the twentieth century.


Popululism notes-29otv7l


Square Deal roosevelt notes-2friic1

Progressive Presidents-q9vx4u