week of 4/17/17: United States History

Important Dates:

April 28th Vocab Quiz

May 4th:  Unit Test (WWI-WWII)

end of semester calendar

Monday:  Notes / Preview Test / Review

Tuesday:  Q&A / Test (Imperialism – Progressives) / Depression – WW2 Vocab

Wednesday:  Notes / Depression notes chart

Thursday:  Notes / Causes of WW2

Friday: Notes /  People Chart / Battle 360 video


SSUSH17 The student will analyze the causes and consequences of the Great Depression.

SSUSH18 The student will describe Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal as a response to the depression and compare the ways governmental programs aided those in need.

SSUSH19 The student will identify the origins, major developments, and the domestic impact of World War II, especially the growth of the federal government.



The Great War-1gonyea

The 1920’s-1znmbf2

The Great Depression-12f1fec

The New Deal-1l0yvqf

Causes of WWII (2)-26xwvzn

World War II-11xhtdt

america during wwii-29e5tn9



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