Week of April 24th – United States History

Upcoming Important Dates

WWI-2 Vocab Quiz 4/28

WWI-2 Unit Test 5/4

Lab day 4/25

EOC information:

  • EOC is 20% of your TOTAL average/grade
  • test is May 15th & 16th
  • Study Guide was given out in class on 4/20
  • Study Guide is also included on blog (left tab side)
  • Pacing guide was also given out to students / scroll back to previous weeks to view the calendar posted on this blog
  • Mrs. Dickmann’s blog has been updated with Quizlets for the upcoming tests and vocab quizzes – and EOC Quizlet

this week

Monday: WU / notes:  America in WW2 / visual vocab (selected 24 words)

Tuesday: WU / notes:  Kennedy&Johnson  / lab- usatestprep for EOC practice

Wednesday: WU / Notes:  Cold War / America Story of Us / Section Review

Thursday: WU / Notes:  Cold War Conflicts / Letters home from Vietnam – video

Friday: 10 min. review time / Vocab Quiz / Notes:  Cold War Conflicts / tba


cold war-1o4d7jy

Cold War Conflicts-uglbwx Cold War Conflicts-uglbyb

Kennedy and Johnson-1e5hmcf



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