Week of 5/8/17: United States History

Upcoming Dates

May 11th – 1960’s Vocab Quiz

May 15th and 16th EOC

May 18th – the LAST day to make up TESTS/QUIZES

May 23rd and 24th – 1960’s – Modern America Unit Test (last days of school) 1st & 2nd pds. are on May 23rd / 3rd & 4th pds. are on May 24th

This week

Monday:  WU check / Notes:  Present Day  / Modern Era notes chart

Tuesday: EOC Review study guide / EOC cartoons

Wednesday:  EOC study guide / Preview Test (previously released EOC) / 1960’s Visual Vocab

Thursday:   1960’s Vocab Quiz / EOC study guide / TBA as far as review activity / go over EOC sample test

Friday:  EOC study guide Review / xtra credit opportunity


EOC reminders – scroll down to previous posts and see EOC tab to the left


Week of 5/1-5: United States History

Important Dates

WWI-2 Unit Test:  5/4

EOC 5/15-16

Monday:  WU / Notes:  Kennedy and Johnson / 1960’s vocab 2

Tuesday:  WU/ Notes:  Civil Rights / Preview Test / Civil Rights Chart

Wednesday:  WU /  Notes:  1970’s / Review Day / Presidents

Thursday:  Q&A / TEST:  WW 1 – WW2 / Modern Era Vocab 1

Friday:  WU / Notes;  Modern Era / Modern Era Vocab 2

EOC Reminders

  • May 15th & May 16th, 35-40 questions each day
  • 20% of your TOTAL grade (this IS your FINAL)
  • use usatestprep to practice / also there is a resource to the left that has a practice EOC, blank answer sheet, answer key is included on the practice test
  • Study Guide has been provided

Standards for this week

SSUSH20 The student will analyze the domestic and international impact of the Cold War on the United States.

SSUSH21 The student will explain the impact of technological development and economic growth on the United States, 1945-1975.

SSUSH22 The student will identify dimensions of the Civil Rights Movement, 1945-1970.

SSUSH23 The student will describe and assess the impact of political developments between 1945 and 1970.

SSUSH24 The student will analyze the impact of social change movements and organizations of the 1960s.

SSUSH25 The student will describe changes in national politics since 1968.