Week of August 28th, 2017

Important Dates:  Unit Test 8/31 — Essay (Founding Father’s Letter) 8/29


Mon: Test Corrections (see link below for study purposes) / Notes:  New Nation Foreign Policy / Preview Test

Tues:  WU / Notes:  NN Foreign Policy / Presidents Video / Constitution Packet / Review Questions

Wed:  Early Release Day / Go over People Chart / Go over Preview Test / Go over Study Guide  / Notes:  Washington’s New Govt.

Thur:  Q&A / Unit Test:  Revolution – Constitution / New Nation Vocab

Fri:  WU / Notes:  Jefferson / New Nation People Chart


Important Dates:  Presentations 8/30-31 (Last lab day is 8/29)

Mon:  WU / CNN-FOX News Updates

Tues: LAB day – last time before presentations

Wed:  Presentation Turn in (1/2 day).  ALL presentations are due on Coach Storey’s laptop.

Thur: Presentations / Friday if another day is needed

Fri: WU / CNN10  / Simpsons

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