Week of October 2, 2017

important dates:

People Chart Quiz; 10/4

Vocab Quiz:  10/5

Civil War – Reconstruction Unit Test:  10/12


Monday:  WU / Notes:  War Breaks out / Visual Vocab / Review ?’s

Tuesday: WU check  / Notes:  War Breaks out / Secession Cartoon / Section Review / America Story of us

Wednesday:  WU / Notes:  Civil War / Glory

Thursday: WU / Notes:  Civil War / Glory

Friday:  WU / Notes:  Civil War (tba) Reconstruction / Civil War Battle Chart / Review

Notes:  Scroll down to last entry, power points are located there.


important dates:  10/4 North Korea Quiz

Paranormal Vocab Quiz:  10/20

Paranormal Presentations:  10/30-31

October 31 / Halloween / theme food day during presentations

Monday: WU / CNN – FOX news update

Tuesday: WU / Notes:  Paranormal / begin project research and topic selection

Wednesday: Vocab Quiz / Notes:  Paranormal / Free write / Paranormal introduction video

Thursday:  Lab day – vocab and begin research

Friday: WU / CNN 10 / Simpsons


Week of September 18th

Important Dates / some changes due to weather:  New Republic – Manifest Destiny Unit Test is TUESDAY 9/19

Mon:   Review Day / finish Manifest Destiny Notes / Go over – Study Guide – Preview Test – People Chart / Finish Movie if time allows

Tues:  Q&A / NR-MD Test / Civil War – Reconstruction Vocab1

Wed: WU / Notes:  Heading Towards Division / CW-Recon Vocab2 / Review Questions

Thurs:  WU / Notes:  Heading Towards Division / CW-Recon People Chart

Fri:  WU / Notes:  War Breaks Out / America Story of Us:  Division / Review Questions



Heading towards Division-1h3etr4

War Breaks Out-2a7sb33

Civil War outline (2)-1a2d2v6


The End of Reconstruction-1i3ktge


vocab Quiz:  9/20

presentations: 9/21 -22

Mon: Immigration class discussion

Tues: Lab – 5 questions actv. from your topic / presentation work

Wed: Lab – NK news update / presentation work

Thrs and Fri:  Presentations post presentation activities

  • Rubric:

Week of September 5, 2017

Important  Dates:  September 8th Vocab Quiz / September 15th Unit Test (New Republic – Expansion)


Tues: WU3 / Notes:  Jeffersonian Democracy / Visual Vocab / America Story of Us

Wed: WU4 / Notes:  War of 1812 / LA Purchase Map / Jefferson Cartoon / review questions / Most missed test questions review (Revolution – Constitution) * may have to be Thursday, depends on time etc. (tba)

  • pg. 222 (1-9, 12-14) – Chapter Review for Wendesday

Thur: WU5 / Notes:  Industry and Transportation /  Lab – Jackson, Slavery / LA Purchase Map will be done today!

Fri: 10 min. review time / New Republic Vocab Quiz / Notes:  Religion and Reform / Presidents video:  Monroe – Jackson


New Nation-2g1oj5m

Forming a New Nation-vwv7z4

Jeffersonian Democracy-2jjykan

War of 1812-19f1jjm

Jackson Years-1xvijyp

Industry and Transportaion-2jarwa4

Religion and Reform-1aql0gr

Manifest Destiny-24beqw5


SSUSH6 Analyze the challenges faced by the first five presidents and how they responded.
a. Examine the presidency of Washington, including the precedents he set.
b. Explain the presidency of John Adams including the Sedition Act and its influence on the
election of 1800.
c. Explore Jefferson’s expansion of presidential power including the purchase and exploration
of the Louisiana Territory.
d. Explain James Madison’s presidency in relation to the War of 1812 and the war’s
significance in the development of a national identity.
e. Explain James Monroe’s presidency in relation to the Monroe Doctrine.

SSUSH7 Investigate political, economic, and social developments during the Age of
a. Explain Jacksonian Democracy, including expanding suffrage, the Nullification Crisis and
states’ rights, and the Indian Removal Act.
b. Explain how the North, South, and West were linked through industrial and economic
expansion including Henry Clay and the American System.
c. Explain the influence of the Second Great Awakening on social reform movements,
including temperance, public education, and women’s efforts to gain suffrage.
d. Explain how the significance of slavery grew in American politics including slave
rebellions and the rise of abolitionism.

SSUSH8 Explore the relationship between slavery, growing north-south divisions, and
westward expansion that led to the outbreak of the Civil War.
a. Explain the impact of the Missouri Compromise on the admission of states from the
Louisiana Territory.
b. Examine James K. Polk’s presidency in the fulfillment of Manifest Destiny including the
Texas annexation and Oregon.
c. Analyze the impact of the Mexican War on growing sectionalism.
d. Explain how the Compromise of 1850 arose out of territorial expansion and population
e. Evaluate the Kansas-Nebraska Act, the failure of popular sovereignty, Scott v. Sanford,
John Brown’s Raid on Harper’s Ferry, and the election of 1860 as events leading to the
Civil War.

important dates:  Immigration Debate/Discussion Sept. 15 /  vocab quiz:  September 19 / Presentations September 21st and 22nd


Tues:  WU1 (check 2) / News Update Day:  CNN/Fox

Wed: WU2 / presentation group organization / awards day for last conspiracy presentations / topic discussion and selection / starter actv.

Thur: WU3 / Lab Day – Vocabulary / Project Starter:  North Korea- Presentation Rubric

Fri: CNN10 ? tba -Inside North Korea:  National Geographic Special