Week of September 18th

Important Dates / some changes due to weather:  New Republic – Manifest Destiny Unit Test is TUESDAY 9/19

Mon:   Review Day / finish Manifest Destiny Notes / Go over – Study Guide – Preview Test – People Chart / Finish Movie if time allows

Tues:  Q&A / NR-MD Test / Civil War – Reconstruction Vocab1

Wed: WU / Notes:  Heading Towards Division / CW-Recon Vocab2 / Review Questions

Thurs:  WU / Notes:  Heading Towards Division / CW-Recon People Chart

Fri:  WU / Notes:  War Breaks Out / America Story of Us:  Division / Review Questions



Heading towards Division-1h3etr4

War Breaks Out-2a7sb33

Civil War outline (2)-1a2d2v6


The End of Reconstruction-1i3ktge


vocab Quiz:  9/20

presentations: 9/21 -22

Mon: Immigration class discussion

Tues: Lab – 5 questions actv. from your topic / presentation work

Wed: Lab – NK news update / presentation work

Thrs and Fri:  Presentations post presentation activities

  • Rubric:

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