Week of October 9th

TEST UPDATE:  We will NOT test on Thursday due to early release, we WILL test on FRIDAY instead

Mon:  WU / Notes:  Civil War / Battle Chart / Preview Test

Tues:  WU / Go over battle chart / Notes:  Reconstruction / America Story of Us

Wed:  PSAT Day / only 3rd will meet / xtra credit opportunity

Thurs:  Notes:  Reconstruction / Review / Industry, Imperialism Vocab

Fri:  15 min. Q&A / Civil War-Reconstruction Test


Mon:  News Update

Tues:  WU / Simpsons / Free Write / actv. tba

Wed:  will not meet

Thurs:  Lab Day – Paranormal and Paranormal research time

Fri:  CNN 10 / Simpsons

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