Week of October 16, 2017

Important Dates

West, Industry, Progressives Vocab Quiz:  10/26

West, Industry, Progressives Unit Test:  10/31

Monday:  WU / Notes: Populists (Farmers and the RR) / Vocab = Progressives / Review Questions

Tuesday:  WU / Notes:  Labor Unions & Industry / DBQ (in class structure) / Review Questions

Wednesday:  WU / Notes: Rail Roads (impact on Native Americans)  & Technology / People Chart= Industry & West / Part 2 of the DBQ activity

Thursday:  WU / Notes:  Captains of Industry / The Men Who Built America series / People Chart= Progressives

Friday:  WU / Notes: Progressives / The Men Who Built America / finish up and People Chart items

  • Power Points will be posted asap.  I am in the process of altering the notes to fit the NEW Georgia Standards.  There is some shuffling, replacing, adding, and dropping going on.  Please be patient


SSUSH11 Examine connections between the rise of big business, the growth of labor unions, and technological innovations.

SSUSH12 Evaluate how westward expansion impacted the Plains Indians and fulfilled Manifest Destiny.

SSUSH13 Evaluate efforts to reform American society and politics in the Progressive Era.

Important Dates:

Paranormal Vocab Quiz 10/20

Paranormal Presentations 10/30-31

Food Day 10/31 (see the sign up sheet)

Monday: News Updates – Fox and CNN

Tuesday: WU / Discussion / Political Cartoons activity

Wednesday: WU / Discussion / History of Halloween

Thursday: WU / Discussion / Lab Day (was able to grab another day)

Friday: CNN10 (Oct. 19 & 20 / Simpsons

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