Week of 10/23/17

important dates:

Vocab Quiz is Thursday of this week

Unit test is Tuesday of next week

Notes for this unit:

Expansion of Industry-2gcv11c

Innovations in Farming 17-1ewx8dd

Politics, Immigration, Women’s Reform-1br97dr

Rail Road Industry 17-1k0w9im

The Gilded Age-x4tzkz

The West 17-1ywhmgs

Labor Movement F17-1dpz4ua

Monday: Notes:  Immigration / finish Men Who Built America

Tuesday: WU / Notes:  Reform Presidents / Visual Vocab / Political Cartoon / Review ?’s

Wednesday: WU / Notes:  Women’s Reform /

Thursday: 10 min review / Vocab Quiz / Notes:  West

Friday: WU / Notes:  Gilded Age /


Presentations are Monday and Tuesday of next week!

don’t forget your food items for our Halloween presentations

Monday:  News Update Fox / CNN

Tuesday:  Paranormal Free Write due  / Open lab day

Wednesday:  WU / discussion /

Thursday:  WU / discussion / Group discussion and reporting on current topics – “pair and share”

Friday:  CNN10 / Simpsons

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